Watch and rate: The trailer for Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler’s gay dads comedy “The New Normal”


I wouldn’t be a lesbian if I didn’t have some complicated feelings about Ryan Murphy. One the one hand, it’s like, Nip/Tuck and Glee had/have so many gay and lesbian characters and even if their stories aren’t perfect, mainstream queer visibility is a good thing. And on the other hand is a set of brass knuckles I’ve been wearing ever since Finn outed Santana. So when Murphy’s name came attached to NBC’s forthcoming gay dads sitcom The New Normal, I sighed and shook my head — and then watched the trailer and cried like the sentimental little bitch I am. The sitcom, which was co-created with out writer Ali Adler, will be coming to a TV near you this fall after The Voice.

Here, take a look:


How can one comedy trailer ping so many of my buttons? Ellen Barkin zinging: “I feel like I just ate a black and gay stew right before I fell asleep! This is a nightmare!” A committed same-sex couple! A cute little Scout Finch-alike in glasses! A single lady just trying to make her dreams come true! Maybe I’ll regret it, but I’m already sold.

What do you think of The New Normal? Rate it and let us know how you’re feeling in the comments!


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