“The Killing” is still slow and confusing – is it worth the effort?


Are you watching Season 2 of The Killing?

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I didn’t plan to watch it. I was among the many viewers frustrated by the Season 1 finale that didn’t pay off our 13-hour investment with a decent answer to the mystery of who killed Rosie Larsen. The problem was not that it was a cliffhanger; I like cliffhangers. The problem was that the story seemed to just leave us peering into an existential void — a foggy, rainy, existential void. We didn’t even make it to the cliff.

Still, I found myself wanting to believe that showrunner Veena Sud would follow through on her promise to do things differently, despite her condescending remarks that viewers who didn’t like last season’s ending just didn’t get what The Killing was trying to do.

So, here I am, with mixed feelings. And like any good lesbian, I would like your help in processing them. Let’s look at the good, the bad, and the confusing about Season 2 so far.

Paralyzed politics

Last season closed with Darren Richmond, under arrest for Rosie’s murder, getting shot Oswald-style. Now, he’s been cleared of the murder but is in the hospital, paralyzed from the waist down.

As much as I like Billy Campbell, the storyline seems pointless. Since The Killing is built around the idea of telling one day of the investigation at a time, how can Richmond return to action this season? Besides, since he didn’t kill Rosie, what is the point of making him such a prominent part of this season? And do we really have to spend so much time staring at his bare legs on a stark white hospital bed?

Post-mortem depression

Michelle Forbes has the demeanor of a grieving mother down cold. But I don’t quite understand what’s going on with her Mitch Larsen.

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Mitch left home and her heartsick children to find herself, to get in touch with whatever she needs to do to get past her despair. So, she gets drunk and hooks up with strangers? I don’t buy it. I read a tweet last night (that I can’t find now, so apologies for the lack of attribution) that suggested that Mitch was involved in Rosie’s murder. At least that would explain her behavior.

Holder & Linden

What is going on with these two? I’m glad that Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) are working together again, but I am so confused about Holder. Granted, he is the most interesting character on the show at this point. But has he been using again? What was his deal with the backpack?

As for Linden, does she really trust Holder? Who’s following her with a camera? How could she ever have been away from the job long enough to get engaged? When is she going to read her son Jack the riot act – or send him to military school?

Aunt Terry the Hot

Something about Jamie Anne Allman as Rosie’s Aunt Terry reminds me of Kim Delaney — in the very best way. She’s filling in for her sister Mitch, taking care of the boys — and probably Stan, eventually — and she’s trying to do right by them while dealing with her own brokenness.

We’re finding out more about Terry as we go along and I have a feeling that her past has more dark secrets than just being an escort. In fact, she’s been some fans’ main suspect all along. That doesn’t keep me from having a crush on her, though.

Does anyone really know who killed Rosie Larsen?

Does anyone really care?

Help me wade through these feelings – and share your own. Are you watching Season 2 of The Killing? What do you think so far? Is it worth keeping up with or have you given up?

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