TRANSCRIPT: Retro Reviewing: “Bound”

Episode transcribed by: GustavChristoff

Danielle: Okay everybody, welcome to our 14th episode of Retro Reviewing.
Rina: Welcome.
Danea: Welcome.
Katie: Hi guys.
Danielle: We’re doing Bound. Finally.
Katie: Woo Hoo!
Rina: Finally, sorry we were on vacation but…
Danielle: Everybody’s home now so we’re, we’re doing Bound, and Bound, let me just tell, you is one of my favorite…
Danae: Fabulous
Danielle: One of my favorite, I feel like one of the best done best done actual mainstream lesbian films. 1996 Wachowsky brothers directed, wrote directed, produced, all of the above. It was their first big movie actually.
Rina: Yeah, it was great I mean, it’s sort of a crime, um mobster movie.
Danielle: It’s new noir kind of.
Rina: Yeah.
Danielle: Yeah.
Rina: Like very much like a, so basically, the basic plot is uh, you know, there’s this woman who moves into this apartment building…
Katie: Corky.
Rina: Yup.
Danielle: Corky, Gina Gershon,
Danae: Gershon. (with long o)
Danielle: Gershon. (with long O)
Rina: And she is a plummer, which is hot, everybody thinks that’s hot.
Danae: It’s pretty hot.
Katie: Yep.
Danielle: She’s sort of like a handyman sort of plummer.
Danae: Handywoman.
Danielle: She’s sort of, she’s kind of butch-ish I would say
Rina: Butch-ish.
Katie: But not really.
Danielle: She’s on the butch side.
Rina: But very, but very femme and very gorgeous.
Danielle: Very hot.
Katie: Yes.
Rina: Very gorgeous which is nice.
Danielle: Nice.
Katie: Nice.
Danae: Can’t go wrong.
Rina: Nice combination, very nice combination.
Danielle: And she meets Violet who is Jennifer Tilly.
Katie: Yes.
Rina: Neighbor
Danielle: And she is very, very femme-y, and she is the girlfriend to uh…
Danae: Caesar
Katie: Caesar
Rina: She seduces Cor, Cor, what’s her name again?
Katie: Corky
Rina: She seduces her.
Katie: We’ll get to that scene!
Danielle: Well that’s sort of the beginning of the movie. Then it moves into this really crime thriller mobster kind of plot where they, the two women, sort of plot to steal two million dollars and run off into the sunset together, kind of.
Danae: Steal it from the mob.
Katie: Quite successfully.
Danae: No joke.
Danielle: From the mob.
Rina: Yeah, ’cause it turns out the neighbor, um what’s her name?
Danielle, Katie: Corky?
Rina: Not Corky, the other one.
Danielle: Oh, oh um…
Danielle, Katie: Violet.
Rina: Violet, well Violet’s involved with the mob because her boyfriend
Katie: Boyfriend, yeah.
Rina: Her boyfriend is in the mob.
Danielle: Joe Pantoliano.
Rina: And she’s also, she’s also kind of a prostitute?
Danielle: Well she’s a call girl on the side, kind of.
Danae: She sleeps with people.
Rina: So there’s all these things going on, but it’s very much a crime film where the lesbians take back the money from the mobsters and,
Danielle: It’s awesome.
Rina: Kick it to the man.
Katie: Ride off in the truck.
Danae: Into the sunset.
Danielle: It’s amazing, and we’ve got spoilers just in case you’re the one lesbian on Earth who hasn’t seen Bound.
Katie: I didn’t see this ’till last night!
Danielle: are you serious?
Katie: Yes.
Danielle: Wow.
Rina: And if you haven’t seen it, you should see it for sure.
Katie: Yes, yes.
Danae: I have it on VHS so that’s how you know, we go way back.
Katie: That’s old school.
Danielle: So, well let’s get into good, bad, and ugly as always. We’re good on the first, first things first.
Rina: Visually it looks great.
Danielle: Absolutely.
Danae: Yes.
Katie: How it was shot was amazing.
Danielle: Absolutely.
Rina: Yeah, you know, I couldn’t, you know, it’s like, we’ve watched so many movies and we’ve gone back, and like, even Basic Instincts and it’s like "Oh, oh well that’s kind of dated" and, like, some of it was kind of cheesy. But with this movie, I was like wow,
Katie: It’s not dated at all.
Danae: No.
Rina: It’s not, you could see this being a movie that came out now, you know?
Danae: And some of the, like, close-ups of things, like when she’s undoing the faucet and it’s very, like, sensual. I love the way they zoom-in the video, you know, visuals.
Rina: Oh yeah, and I think it’s really hot that they had a sex scene like 15 minutes into the movie!
Danielle, Danae, Katie: Yes!
Danielle (as Violet): Hey what are you doing?
Danae (as Corky): I’m trying to fix this sink.
Danielle(as Violet): You should try to fix me.
Danae (as Corky): Fix you, huh?
Danielle (as Violet): I think you should come up here and you should uh, you should uh, you should…
Rina: Oh, okay
Danae (as Corky): Maybe we shouldn’t have you know, come to Burger King.
Danielle (as Violet): Wow, Burger King is so crowded these days.
Danae (as Corky): It really is.
Danielle(as Violet): This is not the place.
Danae (as Corky): Lets get out of here.
Danielle (as Violet): Never mind!
Rina: And then, and then if you haven’t had enough, they’ll give you another one like five minutes later.
Katie: And then I was pissed that there wasn’t any more.
Danae: I know, I know, you were like "What?"
Danielle: It’s true.
Katie: It should be like every 15 minutes.
Danae: It’s true.
Rina: But they got our attention, I was like Sex scene.
Danielle: Sex scene
Rina: And I was like "Wow, only 15 minutes into the movie"
Danae: I know.
Rina: There’s another one.
Danae: I know, well that held your attention didn’t it? You were like "whoa, what’s gonna happen?"
Rina: They like cut right to the chase.
Katie: Yes
Rina: No, you know, no BS.
Danae: That’s what I’m talking about.
Danielle: Yeah, the first 15 minutes of that movie were uh required viewing in college. Several, several times I remember myself and some friends having…
Katie: was it just on repeat, that scene?
Danielle: Uh, having a beverage or ten and uh, enjoying, enjoying Bound.
Katie: Rewind.
Danae: One more time.
Katie: Wazuup!
Danielle: It was a good time.
Rina: It was pretty hot.
Danielle: Yeah, it didn’t leave the DVD player in our dorm room for like, a good six months.
Rina: I like the fact that even though she had, like stereotypical lesbian things, she was still very gorgeous, and attractive and you know, so I like that.
Danielle: Absolutely.
Danae: And they were very smart too. I mean, to pull that off.
Katie: Smart Lesbos.
Danae: It was like "Wow, what a great idea."
Katie: It was touch and go for a little bit,
Danae: Yeah, yeah, they had you on the edge of your seat the whole time though.
Katie: Yeah, they did, they did.
Rina: And it was very sensual, like all the shots were like, just, you know…
Danae: Hot
Rina: And even in the beginning. I’m getting you know into the sex scenes, you know. Do you want to take it from here?
Danielle: Rating the sex scene, here we go.
Rina: Woooo!
Katie: Where do I begin? This movie made me want to become, I wanted to become a plumber so that the hot neighbor seduces me, and makes me have sex with her in like, the first ten minutes of knowing her. That would, that would be absolutely amazing.
Danielle: That would be.
Rina: Do you have a thing for plumbers?
Katie: I do now.
Danae: Not every day, but…
Katie: The first sex scene was good, but the second sex scene, when Gina Gershon is like naked, and oh my god.
Rina: But see, I really liked it where um, where she’s kind of teasing … When she does a hand gesture toward the woman, and, and
Danielle: Toward the woman.
Rina: And the other woman is like, reaching toward her but she doesn’t kiss her it’s like they’re having that moment of like
Danae: Teasing each other.
Rina: Yeah, that was like
Danielle: Intense, it was very intense.
Rina: Yeah.
Katie: And in the sex scene, like how it’s shot, how it goes all the way around.
Danielle: the one long shot, the one long shot.
Katie: That was.
Danielle: Very hot, that was very nice.
Rina: You’ve got to get like the all around view of everything.
Danielle: Yes.
Danielle: And actually, fun fact, there was an actual lesbian sex expert who helped them do this scene.
Rina: Oh yeah, I remember about that.
Danielle: Suzie Brightman, Sarah Brightman, I’m so sorry I’m messing up the name, but she actually
Katie: How would you get that job? sign me up.
Danielle: She consulted, she consulted on the movie, but actually…
Rina: Right, and she was an extra in the film.
Danielle: She was an extra, she was in the bar scene at the beginning of the film.
Danae: Yeah, she like walks by.
Rina: And she like, helps the director sort of
Danielle: It’s really cool that the directors, you know, two male directors actually went out to find
Danae: That is cool.
Danielle: a lesbian sex expert so that this scene could be very realistic.
Katie: And it was.
Danielle: And so people could appreciate it.
Rina: And it really actually, ’cause, you know…
Danielle: It was.
Rina: A lot of scenes, like lesbian scenes you’re like "what exactly are you doing?" Like, like, "I don’t understand."
Danae: We need a diagram, you’re like "What is going on?"
Rina: You’re like, "That looks really hot, but I don’t really know what you’re doing."
Danae: Are you playing Twister?
Danielle: As an example of that, I do think there are some Bette Tina scenes from The L Word that fall under that category.
Rina: I agree.
Katie: Yes.
Rina: And even some Shane scenes where Shane is just like, and I’m just like, "What, what are you doing Shane?"
Danielle: And there’s just this face that Jennifer Beals makes and she’s just kind of like.
Danae: They didn’t consult the expert well, maybe they did, I don’t know.
Danielle: I mean she could just, that I don’t know.
Rina: Well that’s why they need a lesbian expert to sort of explain to them how it’s done.
Danielle: Absolutely. As, as a good, I like how this is the Wachowski’s first big movie, you know, as someone who’s a nerd and appreciates the Matrix movies, and V for Vendetta and all that sort of stuff, it’s really cool that they decided to make this really interesting, indie, realistic to lesbians, not offensive to lesbians film in their first film, and that they’re so pro-feminist about it because they really took this film, they wrote it and directed it, they took this film, and everyone here knows this story, they took this film to a lot of executives, and studios, and everyone said, "Okay. Change it to a man, we’ll do the movie."
Rina: Uh-huh.
Katie: Shocker.
Danielle: And they said "No, no we’re not going to sacrifice our vision for that, I mean, they’ve made that a million times."
Rina: And that’s what makes the movie awesome because like the mob is getting, you know…
Katie: Screwed by lesbos.
Danielle: Two-timed by lesbians.
Rina: Yeah, yeah and not only is it, and, and who’s to think the women are having this affair.
Danielle: Exactly
Rina: And are going to take everything.
Danielle: The women are the smartest, strongest characters in this movie, and they kind of dupe the men, and the reason they get away with it is because the men don’t suspect them.
Danae: Don’t suspect them.
Danielle: The women are like oh so stupid, they couldn’t have possibly pulled this over on us.
Rina: I know, I know.
Danielle: And they totally they get screwed because of it.
Danae: They learned the hard way.
Rina: The other thing about it is they had a hard time finding the main actresses to play the main part
Danielle: That’s right, because it was 1996.
Rina: Because they didn’t want to play lesbian and like it’s so funny, like, look how long, like just…
Katie: She’s like a lesbian icon now.
Danielle: Gina Gershon.
Danae: Yeah.
Rina: I know.
Danae: Yeah, she totally is, I think, again, it just kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time, and there wasn’t a moment where I was like "Oh, this is boring."
Katie: Like you thought her finger was going to get chopped off, and then the phone rang.
Danielle: Oh, that was an intense moment.
Rina: Ohh.
Katie: Yes.
Danielle: Absolutely, very intense.
Rina: And, and they were nice to look at so,
Danielle: Always a nice thing.
Rina: Always a nice thing.
Danae: Yes.
Katie: Always a plus in my book.
Danielle: We know about that.
Katie: Yes, absolutely.
Danielle: Um, okay, so why don’t we go into bad, and ugly. Let’s combine them. Let’s combine them today because I know it’s not going to be too many.
Rina: Whoo, bad…
Katie: I actually, I’m trying to think, who has a bad first, because…
Rina: The only bad I can think of is the, you know, the fact that this woman was so stereotypical, you know, lesbian, with, like…
Katie: Oh, being a plummer?
Danielle: With the plumbing, and the wife-beater.
Rina: And being in a wife-beater, and the car.
Danielle: I mean the ribbed tank top.
Danae: The truck.
Rina: the truck, right, that she had been to jail, and stuff like that, and it’s like okay, so stereotypical, but, she’s hot so…
Danae: Because I’ve been to jail, and I have a truck, no, not really.
Danielle: Right.
Rina: And just the assumption that because she went to jail, she must be gay, I felt like that came out kind of a little bit.
Danae: Yeah.
Danielle: Like the bad girl thing was a little stereotypical.
Rina: Yeah, but she was so hot that, who cares?
Danielle: Exactly, exactly.
Katie: That crosses everything out.
Rina: It, it just like dismisses everything, like "Oh, whatever."
Danae: Maybe like the prostitute piece too.
Danielle: Yeah, yeah.
Danae: Like that whole thing was I guess, in some ways a bad, like you said, you know…
Rina: Yeah.
Danielle: Like a woman, and she has to be a prostitute
Danae: Be a prostitute because she’s a woman.
Danielle: Because she’s attractive, that sort of thing.
Rina: The good thing is that the men were sort of involved in crime, so I guess that everything kind of balances.
Danielle: Yeah, so nobody is…
Rina: It evened out.
Danae: It evened out. It’s a mob movie, what do you want?
Rina: If it was only the lesbians being the bad people I would be kind of like ooh, that was kind of…
Danielle: Right, right.
Danae: It’s not a small wonder guys.
Danielle: I guess for ugly, just some of the blood and the violence.
Danae: Yeah, very bloody.
Danielle: If you’re squeamish, if you’re squeamish the fingers getting cut off thing, that’s gross.
Katie: I didn’t mind that, and I’m squeamish.
Danielle: But, you know, just for something, letting you all know, you’re like "I like the fingers getting cut off," it’s like, "I’m all about that."
Katie: "Do it again, do it again," It wasn’t real.
Danae: Yeah, I know.
Rina: Uh-oh.
Danielle: Wait, wait, wait what?
Rina: Oh, yeah, when they were smashing that guy’s head on the toilet,
Danae: Ohhh.
Danielle: That’s gross.
Katie: He actually, he would’ve died. Like after the first hit, he would have been knocked out.
Katie (as Johnny): Where’s the money?!
Danielle (as Shelley): I don’t know!
Katie (as Johnny): Where’s the money?!
Danielle (as Shelley): I’m a graduate student, I don’t have any money!
Katie (as Johnny): Where’s my money?!
Danielle (as Shelley): I’m broke, oh my God, I’m so broke.
Rina: In mobster films, they do, there’s always this sort of like, they do something really stupid, and they get in trouble, and
Katie: Everyone always dies.
Danielle: Crime doesn’t pay America.
Rina: No.
Danae: It sure doesn’t. Neither does human services, but that’s because I work.
Rina: Oh the way economy’s going.
Danielle: This is like public service announcement right here.
Danae: Everyone, take notes.
Danielle: Middle management, that’s the way kids. Why don’t we go into out ratings, always, as always, one to five on gay magical scale there.
Rina: Wooo!
Danielle: With our rainbow, very magical.
Rina: We’ll have sparkles next time.
Danielle: Who wants to start?
Danae: I’ll start, um, I’ll say five.
Danielle, Rina, Katie: Woo!
Danae: Woo, yeah, well I…
Rina: We don’t have many fives
Danae: And it could be because I have it way back on VHS, so there’s that whole, you know, sentimental thing for me, ’cause it was such a tear jerker. But, but I just, I, again, I just thought it was filmed very well, I thought, you know, the acting as well, and I liked… I thought the plot was awesome, kept me entertained, and um, the sex scenes were amazing, and really, where, where can you go wrong? That’s my score, so, that’s it.
Danielle: Nice, very nice.
Rina: Very nice.
Katie: I’m going to give it a five also, this is only the second five I think I’ve given.
Danielle: Is it?
Danae: It’s my first five.
Katie: But I’m a Cheerleader was my other five. Because of the sex scenes, that’s all I’m going to say.
Danielle: That’s uh, I’ll go next, I’ll go next. Oh, this is a 4.5 for me, I love it, it’s like one of my all time favorite lesbian movies, it’s so well done, it has characters that are really so amazing, and really fun, fleshed out, acted well. Sex scenes, everybody’s doing sex scenes, of course it’s hot, I mean, why else would I have rewound it 45 times my sophomore year of college? Because it was so fun. And it was groundbreaking, and the Wachowskis, I admire them for what they did, and how, you know, feminist they were in making this film, so .5, love it.
Rina: Okay, I’m kind of torn between the 4.75 and the 4.5, but then I don’t really know why i’m taking off.
Katie: Just do do it, rate it, just do it, five five five.
Rina: Okay, it’s gonna get a five
Katie: Yes!
Danae: Woo!
Rina: ‘Cause I really had no reason to take out the .25 other than the stereotypical lesbian thing, but you know what, if it’s such a good movie, why should that even matter? Right?
Katie: Exactly.
Danae: And there are lesbians like that.
Rina: And like I said, there’s a balance and the men are into crime too, and it’s a very balanced film.
Rina: And they’re all criminals, but
Danielle: But it’s okay.
Rina: But the lesbians are hot so, yeah, I guess it’s good.
Danae: What more can I say?
Rina: And I guess it’s 1996, and it’s just…
Danielle: It’s so ground-breaking.
Rina: I know, and I watch it now, and I’m like oh my god, this was shot in 1996, it’s really good.
Danielle: It’s impressive.
Rina: Yeah, it’s a five.
Danielle: So we have an announcement, we have an extra, extra, extra special episode coming at you next time.
Danae: Extra extra. [sing-song like the television show]
Danielle: Do you want to talk about it a little bit?
Rina: yeah, Melissa and
Danielle: Melissa Li and Kit Yan.
Rina: Yes, me, no, no, I’m not…
Danielle: They’re on The Good Asian Drivers tour.
Rina: Good Asian Drivers Tour
Danielle: And they’re going to help us review Saving Face, and we may even have Caroline back, all you people, she may be back from the west coast, we don’t know, but we’ll see.
Danae: I feel like it’s like alien sightings, like "Is she coming? I think I saw her."
Danielle: We’ll see here.
Danae: She’s real, she’s a real.
Rina: And they’re really funny.
Danielle: They’re amazing.
Rina: They’re slam poets and
Danielle: And spoken word
Rina: And Melissa’s also a filmmaker as well.
Katie: Yes she is.
Rina: And a musician.
Danae: You can find them on YouTube.
Rina: You can find them on YouTube, and all over and Google web. They’ve got a lot of great videos.
Danielle: They are good.
Rina: And they’re coming next week.
Danae: Exciting.
Danielle: They’re coming to do a special show with us, Saving Face, I’m really excited.
Danae: I’m excited.
Rina: I’m excited to have them on the show.
Danielle: And we’ll have some extra special recreations by them, as well, hopefully.
Rina: Yes
Katie: Yes
Danielle: Uh, it’s going to be, it’s going to be very special, so tune in.
Rina: Yeah, you’ve got to check them out,
Danae: Can’t miss it
Danielle: So uh…
Rina: Oh, and I just want to give a shout out to Alejandra.
Danae: Shout out.
Danielle: Yes.
Rina: I, I was um, recognized in Miami by somebody who’s like a retro reviewer, and she danced all night with me and it was great, and I’m just giving a shout out, and I can’t remember the name of the film, so help me out if you’re watching this, remind me what it is.
Danae: don’t forget to comment
Rina: it was Borden de la something, Border of the something, and it’s a Mexican film, so if you’re watching, please.
Danielle: Comment.
Rina: Let us know, let us know what film you want us to review.
Danae: Comment
Rina: And it was really fun, great to see you and thanks for dancing with me, and you know, if you guys see us around,
Danae: Dance with us.
Danielle, Rina, Katie: Dance with us!
Rina: I’m like a dancing machine.
Katie: Best dancer ever.
Danielle: She is, she might just be.
Rina: But, you know, not in Miami though.
Danae: Amazing.
Katie: In Boston.
Rina: Not in Miami.
Danielle: In Boston. In Boston you can like wipe the floor up with us, you know. Thanks for watching.
Danae: We love you.
Danielle: Come back next time for Good Asian Drivers.
Rina: Comment.
Danielle: Comment.
Katie: Wooooo.
Danae: (as Corky): This thing, never again, never again. Violet! Crap, help, I’m like a fish out of water, like a fish out of water.
Danae: Oh jeez, this, okay, this is not fun.
Off camera: [Laughter]
Danielle: Okay, we’re going to get some coffee okay?
Danae: Alright.
Rina: Okay, check you later.
Katie: Bye.
Danielle: Bye.
Danae: Oh, guys, hey guys, okay, this isn’t funny. Seriously? seriously, how the hell am I? How am I getting out of here? This is, okay, you know what, this isn’t funny anymore guys. Come on!

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