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She Said What? is a weekly online lesbian entertainment talk show featuring lesbian and bisexual women discussing the latest pop culture and entertainment news.

EPISODE 4 (January 25, 2006): Out hip hop artist Hanifah Walidah, The L Word and Alicia Keys in Smokin' Aces. Find out more about Hanifah at

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transcribed by msgulp

Chagmion: Hello, you’re watching She Said What?, an online lesbian talk show, and we’re only three episodes into the new season of The L Word, but there’s plenty to dish about, so let’s start with some new faces…

All: Papi.

Chagmion: Yeah… so what’s the consensus?

Staceyann: Absolute dislike. Like who is that character? Is she really Latina?

Lauren: Has anyone really met anyone like her before? Ever? Ever.

Sarah: She’s an Indian-Dutch actress playing a Latina, but that’s a whole other story.

Lauren: Sure, almost doesn’t matter.

Sarah: The bigger problem I have with Papi is that she’s basically a cartoon. She’s basically like a lesbian Latina Jessica Rabbit, who’s not even that Latina, except she’s coded as a Latina.

Lauren: She’s made her job to have sex with as many women as she can throughout the day.

Staceyann: But the interesting thing is that the women all seem to get along. You know it’s like watching the women…

Sarah: Women you just slept with?

Staceyann: Yes, it’s like oooookay.

Chagmion: That’s why they call her Papi.

Lauren: “Rule number one. Papi doesn’t have breakfast.” Wouldn’t you be like get out of my face? Are you kidding me? Okay, just asking if you want some food…


Staceyann: You’d be like you’re a little greasy for me.

Sarah: I don’t date women who refer to themselves in the third person. Does anyone else feel like this is turning into like a lesbian version of Lost with all these lesbian “Others” coming out of nowhere. You know like this season it’s…

Chagmion: Haha, lesbian others. Lesbians ARE the other!

Staceyann: It is turning a little soap opera-ish, but I like the scene between um, with Cybil Shepard and what’s the character, is it Bette?

Lauren: Bette.

Staceyann: Right.

Chagmion: For the people at home, you know, she’s a closeted chancellor of Bette’s university, and she comes out to Bette in a way that I think was pretty funny. I think she played that character pretty well.

Staceyann: It’s funny and moving and that’s what I think made it real.

Lauren: I think Alice is my new favorite character on The L World.

Sarah: She didn’t used to be your favorite?

Lauren: She was, she’s just very funny, I think they’re showing more of her character and after the whole Dana and how she handled the death of Dana, got a little like emotional about her, a lot of respect, um, and she makes the sex scenes really funny, always, like, there’s something about her, her sense of humor

Sarah: She’s just funny, period.

Lauren: She’s hysterical. So, I have it BAD for Alice.

Sarah: You know, every time we do polls about Leisha Hailey on the site she wins everything on Afterellen. When we’re like “Who’s your favorite out actress” she’s just through the charts.

Lauren: She’s the most relateable.

Sarah: Because she’s the most relateable.

Lauren: And she’s gay!

Sarah: She’s out, and she’s funny.

Chagmion: Marlee Matlin is going to be on the show, take a look

Lauren: Yes.

Sarah: She already debuted last night, actually.

Lauren: Hearing impaired lesbian, right?

Sarah: Right, and I love… I like her character, but I also just like her, and I think it’s great to see a deaf lesbian on TV, I think this is the first one, really.

Chagmion: We want more lesbian storylines and even if they’re not gay. It’s almost like “ok well she’s playing a character, that’s good enough, one step at a time.”

Lauren: Good enough, right.

Chagmion: So, you know I think another good installation that everyone is kind of waiting for is Alicia Keys playing a psycho assassin. in hot pants…

Sarah (?): A lesbian assassin.

Chagmion: Yeah, a lesbian assassin.

Lauren: A lesbian assassin. I think a lot of women want to see that.

Chagmion: Right, that’s what it’s called, Smokin’ Aces. I mean it looks like an interesting flick overall, very creatively shot, and you know…

Sarah: It looks like a trainwreck to me.

Chagmion: I love the shoot’em up flicks.

Sarah: But have you seen the trailer? I mean, it just, it’s just one of those films that’s either going to succeed really well or just be a complete train wreck, like Gigli or something like that, except more of a ____

Lauren: G, Gigli. And Ben Affleck

Sarah: It does have Ben in it doesn’t it? That Ben stubble…

Lauren: Yeah it does.

Sarah: Yeah well there you go. All you really need to know is Alicia Keys, playing a lesbian, in hot pants, holding a gun.

Chagmion: Yeah holding a gun, exactly, exactly.

Lauren: Two thumbs up!

Chagmion: Go see Alicia Keys in Smokin’ Aces, but in the meantime our next guest is smoking. An out African-American performer, you can catch her on The Click List, and see her new video “Make A Move.” Hanifah Walidah is with us today.

Chagmion: Thank you very much for being on the show with us.

Hanifah: I’m honored.

Chagmion: I want to congratulate you, first of all, for being number 4 on LOGO online’s click list, and second of all, what, first video of its kind to feature an African-American lesbian lead. That’s amazing. And ________

Hanifah: The entire crew actually is African-American. ______________

Chagmion: African-American to get this type of mainstream play. So you did some really interesting creative things with this video. We have a clip so let’s take a look at it.

[clip of the music video]

Staceyann: So what were some of the challenges of making this video?

Hanifah: Actually there weren’t any challenges. The video was blessed from day one. You know, um, I was able to pull in resources cause I didn’t burn any bridges like I said, and I knew a lot of beautiful women inside and out that came down and spent those two days in a brownstone, um long hours. Everyone came together to make this video happen.

Sarah: I liked it because it felt like it was really telling a story. Also I have to say I don’t know how many of you watched it and really thought “where are those parties and how do I go to one?” even though I’d probably stand out a little bit.

Staceyann: Well that kinda happened to you, you had one on New Year’s Eve didn’t you?

Sarah: You probably get that all the time now. Doesn’t everybody want to come to your parties? Cause they think that’s what it’s going to be like?

Hanifah: Mmmhmmm. Yeah, haha. Well I don’t broadcast it too much.

Sarah: Yeah, I bet, I bet.

Hanifah: I wanted the people to feel like when they watch this video that they were a fly on the wall of a woman’s house party cause it’s a long legacy of house parties especially in Brooklyn, with women. So I wanted to have it what happen to people in that world and show a really, a more authentic look, at who we are, and also um… show some dynamics of who we are as people, you know not just exoticized and what have you. The video provided the next step actually of my career is where presently shooting a documentary called You People which is the making of the video.

Sarah: You People, I like that.

Hanifah: Yeah You People. You know it’s not like the kind of classic MTV “Making Of.” What I did when we were shooting the video was for some reason I had the forethought to have two friends of mine be roaming cameras through the two day shoot. And what we caught on camera I’ve never seen on TV before because there was a candidness between the women and mind you there were straight women there too. So that dynamic was, we were bouncing off each other, you know.

Staceyann: But is anybody really straight?


Lauren: Speaking of race and gender and everything, do you think it’s harder for an African-American woman to come out in general?

Hanifah: I think it’s just as hard as anyone. I think it depends on who your parents are, who the people, you know…

Lauren: Your community embraces you?

Hanifah: you’re blessed or not blessed to be surrounded around, who your community is. When I came out to my father and mind you this is orthodox Muslim, okay, I had for all intents and purposes he represented God growing up and so coming out to him was a big deal. But I realized that what I need is not so much worry about what he thought is that how I saw myself and how I was gonna represent myself to him.

Lauren: Right.

Hanifah: Because when it comes down to it, you know, at the end of the day and I walk away from that meeting with my father, how am I walking? How tall am I walking, you know, when he hears “gay” out my mouth the first time what does he see? Does he see someone quivering? How does he see my posture? Is my, are my eyes glowing? Am I deadpan serious? Am I giving him everything that he needs?

Lauren: Are you proud?

Hanifah: Exactly.

Chagmion: So Hanifah what’s next for you now?

Hanifah: Um finishing the documentary You People, and of course the album Once Upon It Is is dropping in February, you can download it on my site, sucka with a, ok, everything else spelled the same, and in itunes we’ll have the album in March.

Chagmion: So you heard it here first. If you want more of Hanifah Walidah check out That’s sucka with an a, that’s all we have for She Said What?

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