8 Gay Jewish Women for Hanukkah


Hanukkah begins this evening, so what better way to celebrate than to think of some Jewish lesbian and bisexual women we love?

Sandra Bernhard

The comedian told BeliefNet she makes sure to attend weekly Shabbat services every Saturday, no matter where she is in the world. “I want to hear the Torah reading, because that’s the energy of the week. It cleans the palate for the coming week and gives you a spiritual grounding and explanation for the things that have happened. The Torah portion represents the energy of that week, and if you understand what you’re getting yourself into, you’re a little less likely to blame external things.”

Suze Orman

Though she’s non-practicing, the financial guru credits her Jewish upbringing for her success. “Growing up, I asked the questions nobody wanted to ask. I wanted to find the purpose,” she told Forward.com. “It was the force of a Jewish household.”

Julie Goldman

When on stage, the comic regularly discusses both being a lesbian and being Jewish. “I’ll be talking about my Jewish family and my mother and all the craziness that ensues from being a lesbian, a Jewish lesbian, a butch lesbian,” Goldman told MetroWeekly when describing her live show.


The out musician lent her music to a documentary about being Jewish and queer, called Young, Jewish and Left.

Carol Leifer

The author and comedian likes to joke that she became vegan because she felt, that as a “Jewish lesbian,” she wasn’t part of a small enough minority.

Samantha Ronson

The DJ has performed at events called 2 Live Jews and it was rumored that Lindsay Lohan considered converting when they were romantically involved.

Annie Leibovitz

The famed photographer got her first job at Rolling Stone after she sent in photos she took of her time spent living on a kibbutz in northern Israel when she was in college.

Judy Gold

The comedian and actress includes her Jewishness in her one-woman shows, like 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother.

And now, for something really special, our own Jewish contributor, Mia Jones, has created a Jewish Holiday song for you. It’s called “Menorahs on Fire.” Enjoy, and happy holiday to you.