K-Y features lesbians for the first time in its newest spots


After years of being subjected to commercials touting erectile dysfunction and male enhancement, it’s finally the ladies’ turn. K-Y Brand has released its first ever ad featuring a lesbian couple for its new K-Y INTENSE. Take a look.

The spot for “the first and only female arousal gel from K-Y” will begin airing nationally September 5. K-Y marketing said it would run on multiple TV networks as well as online. The brand has been active in LGBT marketing, attending pride events, running ads in lesbian magazines and sponsoring Dinah Shore Weekend in 2010 and 2011. They’ve also advertised in the past on AfterEllen.com and the Logo networks.

The spot features a lesbian couple, Alex and Emma, sharing the secret of their long-term relationship. I like that they’re a perfectly normal-looking pair, not Playboy bunnies in lingerie or anything. Heck, I think I even own the same pajama bottoms as Alex. I also like that there’s no overt references to lesbian bed death or any other such cliché.

Though, I feel K-Y is missing a major marketing opportunity by not touting the fact that this lube apparently magically transports you into Katy Perry’s “Firework” video.

K-Y INTENSE has aired several spots for this product already featuring straight couples with similar tone and feel to the lesbian couple ad. So it’s nice to be included in the mix, considering both partners can probably benefit from the, um, intensity.

What do you think? Like Alex and Emma’s commercial? Does it make you more likely to buy brands that feature LGBT couples?

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