A quickie with “Exes & Ohs” creator Michelle Paradise


Writer-producer Michelle Paradise is one smart, funny and patient lady. Her lesbian series, Exes & Ohs, first aired on LOGO in 2009, and fans promptly fell in love with Jen, the single girl looking for love; Sam, the player who never met a hot girl she didn’t like; Crutch, the babydyke with a guitar and a dream; and Chris and Kris, a couple who share a name, a home, and a love of animals bordering on maniacal.

Season 2 cast (L to R): Cavanagh, Featherstone, Paradise, Alton and Spence

After a two-year wait, Season 2 finally airs tonight, so we caught up with Michelle to ask her what’s up with Jen and the girls, where has the show been, and how are things at the Beever Café?

AfterEllen.com: What are we going to see this season?

Michelle Paradise: Absolutely nothing. [Laughs] There is nothing to see.

AE: Good to know!

MP: No, no. I’m kidding.

AE: The end.

MP: The end and the interview is done. Thanks a lot. [Laughs] No, it’s going to be a great season. We pick up Jen [played by Paradise] with her dating woes. She’s back in the dating pool and she’s trying to find Ms. Right but she’ll have to take on a few new obstacles this season. There are some exes that reappear and possibly a sex tape of some kind. We’ll see how that goes.

Sam (Marnie Alton) is doing her best to explore relationships, potentially monogamy and Chris and Kris (Megan Cavanagh and Angela Featherstone, respectively) will be starting a family, so it’s pretty much picking up Season 1 where we left off, and taking this gals to the next places in their lives. Season 2 has all the fun that everyone came to expect from Season 1.

AE: Yeah, yeah. Did you say sex tape?

MP: [Laughs] There may be. There may have been an accidental sort of thing. I don’t know, you’ll have to see.

AE: Very intriguing! Do you think Jen will ever find love?

MP: I sure hope so. That would be sad if she doesn’t. That’s kind of her journey. She really wants to find Ms. Right and hopefully someday she will. Will it be this season? I don’t know. You’ll have to find out.

AE: Why are you never helpful?

[Laughs] Tune in and find out.

AE: What kind of parents do you think Chris and Kris will make?

I think they’re going to be great parents. You know, they’re a little bit older, so they’re prepared. And as we saw last season, they really want to have a baby, and they’ve been trying. That’s what this season is going to be about for them. Well, it will be them, getting ready for that, and some hilarity will also ensue because they are Chris and Kris.

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