“Self Evident Truths” wants equality for anyone who isn’t “100 percent straight”


New York-based artist iO Tillett Wright‘s new project is one you’ll definitely appreciate. Self Evident Truths is iO’s photographic proof that members of the LGBTQ community or, as she says in the video below, “anyone that doesn’t identify themselves as 100 percent straight,” are from all ethnicities, classes, genders, religions and any other defining factor that might exempt them from the “gay” stereotype. Check out the everyday people and some famous faces that have participated in the project so far.

iO has shot 300 people in NYC so far, and aims to visit 25 cities and take 4000 portraits so that she can engage people to push for equality. The HRC is behind the project, and you can help by visiting SelfEvidentTruths.com and purchasing this poster for $5.

You can also view all of the awesome black and white portraits she’s taken so far. It’s true that NYC is a melting pot of people, but I have a feeling Self Evident Truths will be much more expansive once iO takes her camera across the country.

It’s not about how you identify — lesbian, queer, bisexual or none of the above — it’s what you deserve, and that is equality. Visit their Facebook page for more information and updates. I love art for activism!

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