He Said/We Said: Pride edition


dapperQ is proud to present the fifth installment of He Said/We Said, based on the Spring 2011 line from Marc by Marc Jacobs. All photos by Maro Hagopian.

He Said:

We Said:

Hillbilly Couture

Name: Gina Mamone

Occupation: Founding President and CEO of Riot Grrrl Ink

Outfit: Gingham Shirt from H&M. Jacket from Bergdorf Goodman. Bow Tie from the Tie Bar. Jeans by Lucky. Glasses by Ray-Ban. Square Toe Harness Shoes by Frye Boots. Vintage Grand Ole Opry Anniversary Buckle from ETSY.

Skater Boi/Gentleman

Name: Ryann Makenzi Holmes

Age: 26

Occupation: Co-Founder and Co-Director of bklyn boihood

Outfit: Shirt by Comune. Jeans from Uniqlo, SoHo. Tie from H&M. Hat by Brixton. Glasses from SEE Eyewear. Shoes by Vans. In summary, the outfit is a “collision of style and sensibility. It’s eclectic, but grounded.”

Song That Best Describes Ryann’s Look: “Mojo So Dope” by Kid Cudi.

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