Lindsay Lohan looks lovely in “Plum”


The one thing in life that causes me the most grief is that I believe in my friends to a fault. I mean, someone can let me down over and over, but I just know that next time, she’ll follow through on her promise or not leave me hanging or tell me the whole truth.

Maybe that’s why I am still a Lindsay Lohan fan. I know, I know. But the Lindsay we grew to love when we first met her is still in there. And she’s still beautiful and talented. Maybe this time, once she completes her prison term, she will be determined enough and strong enough to get her lovely self together.

Meanwhile, just before she headed for the Big House (which happens to be her own townhouse), LiLo did a cover shoot for Plum Miami, the magazine for upscale lifestyle network Plum TV.

Plum released a few outtakes from the Gavin Doyle photo session and, as usual, Lindsay is altogether lovely.

The magazine also talked to Lohan about her personal fashion sense in this behind-the-scenes video from the shoot.


I’m not sure that I agree that the photos were “innocent and sweet,” but the camera does love Lindsay. And from this preview from the story, we know she still has a sense of humor about herself.

We won’t be seeing much of Lindsay Lohan for a few months — except possibly on Twitter, since she has internet access. She has a lot of time to seriously think about her life and her hair color, and to set the course for her future. This time, she’ll make some real changes. This time, the Linsday we know and love will return to us. I just know it.

Do you like Plum‘s approach to photographing Lindsay Lohan? Are you still pulling for her?

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