Hunter Valentine’s Hot 100 Picks


Hunter Valentine is hot, so we figured they would be authority figures when it comes to the Hot 100. We asked singer/guitarist Kiyomi McCloskey , drummer Laura Pettraca and bassist Adrienne Lloyd who they voted for, and it appears they have different taste in women.

Kiyomi McCloskey

1. Alicia Keys: Because I love myself a ride or die chick and I want to prove to the world that she is in fact a huge lez.

2. Minka Kelley: I am obsessed with Friday Night Lights and want to marry a girl from Texas. I don’t even know if she’s actually from Texas, but in my head and my heart she is.

3. Natalie Portman: She is smart and stunning. Oh and I’d love to show her my Black Swan.

4. Jamie Holm: Have you ever seen her bass face? Sexy.

5. Rachel Shelly: Because I had a great time with her at the L Beach Festival in Germany. She was so friendly — anice and a beautiful woman all around.

Laura Petracca

5. Julia Roberts

4. Lindsay Lohan

3. Jessica Biel

2. Rachel McAdams

1. Tucky Williams: She is so HOT and I get to touch her, in the very best places.

Adrienne Lloyd

Jessica “Jugs” Forsythe, Abisha Uhl, Jessie Farmer, Jamie Holm and Katie Murphy.

It is impossible for me to pick a number one in this list because I pretty much have a crush on this entire band. All of the girls in Sick of Sarah are sexy, talented, hard working musicians.

Wait, did I mention they’re all crazy hot too? I love all of them; I love touring with them; and I love their music. And I’m pretty sure that they are going to take over the world, one reader at a time.