Heather Morris is pretty in pink for “Women’s Health”


You know what helps take the sting out of a Brittana-less episode of Glee? Heather Morris in a bikini on the cover of Women’s Health magazine. As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens.

There are several adjectives I could use after seeing Heather in that hot pink bikini my only prevailing thought is, um, I’ll be in my bunk. (What, no Firefly fans?)

The woman behind Brittany S. Pierce is the covergirl for the June issue (on newsstands May 24, the same day as the Glee finale). In the article she talks about her fitness secrets (well, it is a health magazine), her future and who, exactly, is jealous of all those sweet lady kisses (and boy kisses, too).

Women’s Health was kind enough to send us some excerpt from the article. A taste:

Heather on her Glee character, Brittany:

I’m exactly like Brittany – I love to dance, I like to have fun. I want to make everybody laugh.

Heather on her future:

In ten years I see myself married and I want to do a film; maybe play a completely different character than I play on Glee….I really hope I have a future in comedy; it’s the most fun.

Heather’s boyfriend isn’t a fan of her on-screen kissing scenes:

He just doesn’t like watching me kiss other people. It doesn’t matter if it’s Artie [Kevin McHale] or Santana [Naya Rivera].

Why Heather loves working on Glee:

“I don’t want to be famous; I’m doing this because I want to perform.”

Heather on the Glee castmates she’s closest with:

The more storylines I have with certain characters the closer I get with them. I got a lot closer with Kevin [who plays Artie] recently because we have a lot of scenes together; and Jenna [who plays Tina] also.

Heather on staying fit:

The secret behind my fabulous legs? Eat a lot of goldfish! Do whatever you like to do, eat how you want to eat but just make sure you stay [active]. I take a lot of exercise cardio classes; I do tons of squats.

Um, don’t be coy Heather. Naya Rivera already confirmed for us that your Brittany and Santana storyline has brought you two closer together. Or maybe she didn’t say Naya because she thought that was already a given.

Heather also recorded a little video for Women’s Health. I don’t know about you, but I would kill to take a look at the contact sheet of those tank top/white bottom photos.


So, there now, don’t you feel a little better now after last night’s Glee? I tell you, the therapeutic power of Heather Morris’ abs should be studied in medical journals.