Jasika Nicole’s Hot 100 Picks


Stars, they’re just like us! Only, in the case of Fringe star Jasika Nicole, they’re infinitely more gorgeous and articulate. But the out actress does have Tegan and Sara on her iPod, so at least we have something in common. We asked Jasika for her Hot 100 picks and she happily counted down her top ten.

1. Roseanne Barr In light of the recent unveiling of my first gray hair, I have been thinking about the process of aging gracefully while not losing any of the bite and triumph that marks youth. Roseanne remains unapologetic about her decision to stay true to her feminist identity in the midst of the entertainment industry, which has shunned her for it. I can only hope to be so fearless.

2. Phylicia Rashad

3. Janelle Monae

4. Ariel Schrag

5. Tegan Quin

6. Sara Quin

7. Ellen Page

8. Adele

9. Yukimi Nagano (from “Little Dragon”)

10. Mila Kunis

Every celebrity Hot 100 list I’ve seen so far this year has Mila Kunis on it. I wonder why. What do you think of Jasika’s picks? Did she make your Hot 100 list?