Tender Forever gets the NPR treatment


Not to sound like a typical late-20s liberal urbanite, but I didn’t think I could love NPR anymore. But they keep surprising me. Last week, for example, NPR Music’s Song of the Day was Tender Forever’s “Got to Let Go.”

You probably remember Tender Forever (nee Melanie Valera) from her 2007 ukulele-laden cover of Justin Timberlake’s “My Love.”

Or maybe from her video for “How Many,” where she sports an Eminem-style oversize white t-shirt and gets down with a couple of back-up booty dancers. Ring a bell?

“Got to Let Go” however, is from the singer is from the out Portland-based singer’s newest album, No Snare, which came out on K Records in June.

Which brings me back to my increasing love for NPR. While that could totally sound cliche in any other circumstance, I really do appreciate their appreciation of queer artists. They’re not just touting the latest pop stars or even the brand new releases from some more well-known musicians (who may also happen to be queer). Tender Forever’s newest album has been out for nearly a year, and yet they found it noteworthy enough to share with a broader audience.

An Horse also recently made NPR’s Song of the Day with their single “Dressed Sharply.” NPR called the half-queer duo “unabashedly enjoyable.” And yes, it was pretty enjoyable to see Kate Cooper’s adorable face pop up on the site.

And today NPR is streaming the new album from girlfriends/collaborating duo Thao & Mirah. Queer times two!

Clearly, someone at NPR music has great taste (and may even read AfterEllen.com?). Here’s hoping that this trend continues!