“LezBeProud” is the Texas answer to “The Real L Word”


Are you one of the bajillion lesbians who didn’t see yourself represented in The Real L Word‘s brand of talking, laughing, loving, breathing, fighting, f–king, crying, drinking, writing, winning, losing, cheating, kissing, thinking and dreaming? Well, Texas-based LezBeProud may be the answer to your reality TV needs. On April 15, “the Ladies” are launching a web series that will follow two lesbian couples — Debbie and Dawn, and Kristi and Lauren — as they live out and proud in front of the cameras in the Bible belt.

Series creator Debbie Forth put it like this:

We designed this project to provide a different view of our lifestyle and to give other couples hope that society can accept their love. There are a variety of reality shows that highlight the many differences that exist in heterosexual relationships, but there simply aren’t any that show what lesbian couples endure to stay together. This is not a scripted show; this is our life.

Over the course of the series, Debbie and Dawn will be headed to the altar, and Kristi and Lauren will “share the trials and tribulations of finding the perfect one, and maintaining a positive relationship.”

LezBeProud is also looking for a single lesbian to join their series. The casting call makes me laugh:

LezBeProud is looking for a “single” lady who doesn’t mind exposing her life to find true love. We are looking for someone who is proud and has a story to share with the world. This “single” lady must have a fun attitude, amazing personality, a few character flaws (so we know you are just like us), and most importantly you must have an open heart free from past jaded relationships. Is that even possible in the lesbian world?

Is that even possible in any world? (If yes, feel free to also apply to be Heather Hogan’s Girlfriend.)

I’m actually kind of excited about the prospect of this reality series. For one thing, I’m a lesbian living in the Bible belt. For another thing, tank tops.

For a third thing, their promo photos feature the sun backlighting their faces, not shining out of their crotches.

And for a fourth thing, I was going to make a joke about everything being bigger in Texas, including lesbian drama, but they already made the joke on their web site — which is so very Texas and so very gay that I know I’ll be giving this series a chance.

You can find out more about LezBeProud at their official site, lezbeproud.com. Or follow them on Twitter (@LezBeProud).