An interview with Tiffany Dunn


Tiffany Dunn isn’t just a pop singer — she’s an entertainer. After watching a few videos of her dance moves, I just about fell out of my chair in amazement. Here was this pretty, long-haired chick able to do some massive B-Girl stalls in between dancing on her hands.

In just a week, Tiffany will be joining Natasha Beddingfield and Chely Wright at Club Skirts’ The Dinah – and she’s hoping to perk up your ears. She took a few minutes to tell us all about it. When you were younger and got to see Justin Timberlake perform, you said you couldn’t enjoy it as much as you wanted to because you couldn’t stop thinking that it should be you up there on stage with him. When you finally got your chance to perform in front of a large audience, what was that feeling like?

Tiffany Dunn: An incredible feeling of accomplishment! It was like I was on top of the world. I didn’t want to get off stage. It was so comfortable. It’s where I belong.

AE: Since you sing, dance and do choreography, which of the reality shows do you think does the most for their individual forms of entertainment : American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance or America’s Best Dance Crew?

TD: American Idol! Instant fame, fans and credibility. They really focus on the backgrounds of the artists so you can relate. The other shows do this as

well but aren’t as high caliber.

AE: Who are some of your pop idols? I get a little bit of a Gwen Stefani vibe from you.

TD: I love Gwen — fashion idol, for sure. She is so rad.

Of course Justin Timberlake, and I love me some Janet and Michael Jackson. And I’m a new big fan of Jessie J.

AE: I’ve seen a bit of your live footage; you can really break it down girl!

What can the ladies expect out of your performance in the hot California sun

at The Dinah?

TD: More than just a voice — it’s a performance. Some serious energy, great songs, some insane dancing and, of course, hotness!

AE: Will you be giving any breakdancing pointers while you’re out there?

TD: Oh my gosh, yes, I would love to. Everyone should attempt freestyle/breakdancing. It sets you free! I would love to share some moves.

AE: So, no pressure or anything but Lady Gaga performed at The Dinah a few years ago. What are you going to do to top her? Do you have any bikinis made completely out of unicorn hair?

TD: Man I wish I could have been there for that she’s amazing!

As far as my “attire” I’m all about funky fashion. But I gotta be able to

move — and when I say move, I mean, handstands, flips, and breakin’.

My strong point would be more so my performance, so my clothes can only get as

funky as my moves will let me. I have worked long and hard for my shows to

contain elements that you don’t see often, or at all right now.

She’s a

tough act to follow. Guess we’ll just wait and see!

AE: And finally, what are you most excited about for the Dinah?

TD: I am so excited to come out there gain new fans, inspire — show the ladies that there are no limits, and have a ball doin’ what I love to do.

Tiffany Dunn will perform at Club Skirts’ The Dinah on Sunday, April 3 at the Love is Louder Pool Party.

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