The Sounds’ bisexual frontwoman Maja Ivarsson is the new face of Sebastian Professional


Swedish bombshell Maja Ivarsson is known for being an enigma on stage, and it’s no secret that her beauty, style and platinum blonde ‘do add to her appeal. We’re not the only ones who’ve taken notice, though, as Sebastian Professional has chosen her to be their new “visionary” of Color Ignite, their new line of color care products. Check out these promo pics:

Maja, who is out as bisexual, was chosen “for her colorful energy and magnetic allure,” the press release notes. “She represents the essence of vibrancy and serves up the highest inspiration for untamed, fearless self-expression.”

There’s a video of Maja in action at Sebastian Professional’s website, where you can also find some of the products she models, should you be enticed.

The Sounds will be releasing their new album, Something to Die For, at the end of this month, and we have an interview with Maja forthcoming. Until then, check out this video of their performance at the Gullfisken Awards last month.

This could totally be a gay anthem, yeah?

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