Mia Clarke tells us about the Electrelane reunion


Fresh off the heels of their critically-acclaimed 2007 album No Shouts, No Calls and its accompanying tour, Brtish band Electrelane did something no one saw coming after 10 years of awesomeness: they announced their “indefinite hiatus.”

That’s usually the nice way a band says they’re done being that band, so don’t hold your breath.

But for all of you with blue faces who’ve held out hope, you can finally breathe: Electrelane is back. At least, just for the summer right now, and only in Europe, but we’ll take it! The band, made up of several queer women, confirmed this week that they’ll be playing a string of festivals, including Field Day in London, as well as other yet-to-be-confirmed shows.

“At the moment our plan is just to play some live dates in Europe and the UK,” guitarist Mia Clarke told us. “We are definitely open to recording new material in the future, but have no set plans as of right now.”

When Electrelane (who also includes Emma Gaze, Ros Murray and Verity Susman) broke our hearts four years ago, they said they needed a break and time to do other things. And, as Clarke says, “there was a certain amount of serendipity involved” in their decision to play together again.

“We’ve all moved on with other areas of our lives and have new responsibilities that keep us very busy,” she says. “It just so happened that we all had a few weeks free this summer so we thought, why not?”

While this mini-reunion is certainly great news for fans, especially those who will be lucky enough to attend their summer shows, Clarke is excited, as well. “Personally, I am most looking forward to just being on stage with the other three women in the band,” she says. “It’s been three years since we were all in the same room, and we miss each other. I’m excited and grateful that the response has been so positive, and am looking forward to playing shows for fans that weren’t able to catch us the first time around.”

More information on the festivals and other shows will be available soon on Electrelane’s website. They’ve also joined Twitter.

European readers, will you attend an Electrelane show this summer? Everyone else, getting your passports in order?

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