A Kate Moennig impersonator tells us why she’s got it so good


Life is good for Shane Miles. The appropriately named model is a Kate Moennig lookalike, which means she gets hired to pose as the actress at parties, events and photo shoots. Although she had no idea who Kate was, and wasn’t a fan of The L Word when it first aired in the UK, where she lives, Shane has since embraced her likeness to the lesbian icon, and tells us it’s done nothing but good for her, personally and professionally.

AfterEllen.com: When did you first realize you looked like Kate Moennig?

Shane Miles: I think it must have been about five or six years ago. I got with a girl and she mentioned that I looked a lot like her, so we decided to watch The L Word one night and was like “OMG!” I had never seen her before, but when I did — to be honest — I was shocked at how much resemblance there was, even by name. I have always had a similar style and hair cut anyway, so I thought maybe there was something i could do with it.

AE: How did you get into being an impersonator?

SM: I used to be a model and TV extra, so I have always wanted to pursue a career in TV and have always liked being in the spotlight. Since I found out there was so much resemblance, I started taking a few images of myself and placing them on a casting websites and sent them to various lookalike agencies. I was contacted the next day and signed to two big agencies, one of which in Hollywood and one in the UK.

AE: What does it mean to be a lookalike? What do you do with your likeness?

SM: Since this I have done various photo shoots for magazines as a lookalike for Katherine and attended various private parties for which they have hired me as a lookalike for her. It has at times been very overwhelming but also very fun!

AE: Do you find that you get more dates/get hit on more because of your likeness to Kate?

SM: I am not going to lie, I do. I have a very similar attitude and don’t have any problems in that area.

AE: Have you met any other/worked with any other lesbian impersonators?

SM: Not yet, but am hoping this is my lucky year, my lucky number is 11. I am hoping to make this a good year and go a lot further in TV and modeling.

AE: Have you ever met Kate? Does she know about you?

SM: I haven’t met her yet but would love to meet [all of The L Word stars.] I am not sure if she does know about me yet but would love to think she has seen my work.

AE: What is the best and worst thing about looking like Kate Moennig?

SM: I think I have to say the best things are being a lookalike for someone that is so popular inThe L Word is being hot, and being given the opportunity to do all these things that I otherwise may not be able to do. I can’t say there could be anything bad about it though. I would be lying.

Follow Shane on Twitter @katelookalike.

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