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Club Skirts’ The Dinah has a history of taking lesser-known acts putting them on the Palm Springs stage before they turn into superstars. Acts like Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Lady Gaga have all headlined the annual weekend event before they became household names. Up this year (the event is set for March 30-April 3) is Luciana, a U.K. singer-songwriter known for her huge club hit “I Like That,” an anthem that’s as sexual as it is catchy.

Set to grace The Dinah stage as part of Saturday night’s entertainment lineup, caught up with the bombshell about what Dinah-goers can expect from her set. What should the ladies going to The Dinah know about you before they experience your show?

What do they need to know about me? I’m fabulous! The show’s all glamour and fun! I just can’t believe I’ve been asked; I’m going to give [The Dinah founder/organizer] Mariah [Hanson] a big snog when I see her. We should all just have a drink together when I get there and just live out loud.

AE: There will be lots of drinking — and dancing — the entire weekend, that’s for sure.

I know! I know I’ll not want to come home! I’ll just want to stay through the last drinks and get a taste for the whole thing and absolutely be part of it and feel the grit of the weekend.

AE: Have you ever been surrounded by lesbians before?

[Laughs] Yes, and I love it! I love London, but L.A. — and America — whenever I do a show, I get a lot of lesbians coming to my show and they’re always at the front. They’re always singing all the words to my songs, even the underground tracks like “I Wish You Would” that most in America haven’t heard before. They know all the words to all of my songs. I think that’s priceless.

AE: Are you planning any audience dance-off competitions during your Dinah performance?

I haven’t thought about it but now you’ve planted the seed! I probably will do that on stage, yeah.

AE: Great, we’ll make sure you’re right in the middle of a big lesbian dance sandwich.

[Laughs] Yes! I love it!

AE: What are you most excited about when it comes to performing at The Dinah?

I’m excited about the energy that’s going to be there. I’m happy that Mariah has asked me to perform and I’m really looking forward to being on stage, having a drink and having a fabulous time all weekend.

AE: Do you have anything specific planned, aside from the dance-off?

No. I’m just going to stay for the two days and just get pissed!

AE: So we can expect to see you at the weekend pool parties, too?

Yeah! I’m there! I want to taste it, I want to feel it, I want to be part of it.

AE: You’ve got some great predecessors who all performed at The Dinah: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and The Pussycat Dolls. What does it mean to you to follow in their footsteps?

I feel very lucky. It’s an honor to be asked. I’m going to take Mariah out and get her pissed — after she’s done her work, of course. It’s a great opportunity. What ever happens, happens. I just want to get there and feel it.

AE: You co-wrote Kylie Minogue’s song, “Cupid Boy,” from her last album, Aphrodite.

I cried when that happened. I always wanted to get a track on a Kylie album. When we finished writing the track and when she selected the song, I cried. I was so over the moon; she’s the Princess of Pop — Madonna is the Queen of Pop. I’ll be Queen of Electro.

AE: Kylie is a huge gay icon. Are you hoping to follow in her footsteps?

I am what I am and if you love the music, that’s great.

AE: Dinah is known for its debauchery. Last year, sponsored an oil-wrestling tournament. Who would win in an oil wrestling match, you or co-headliner Chely Wright?

[Laughs] Definitely me! Wait, I don’t know. Both of us will win — we’ll both go off for a beer afterward!

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