Lauren Flax gives us the scoop on her new musical duo CREEP


Whether or not you know it, you’ve heard Lauren Flax. The New York-based DJ and producer is a remixer of some of the hottest tracks in the last decade. She’s worked with the likes of Le Tigre, Morningwood, Fischerspooner and Sia, and now she’s got a musical duo of her own with partner-in-crime Lauren Dillard. Together they are CREEP.

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Both women are out and queer, and are poised to put some out some of the hottest tracks in 2011, starting with their first single, “Days” featuring vocals from the xx’s Romy Madley-Croft. What was the genesis of CREEP?

Lauren Flax:
It really just started as a fun side project with Lauren Dillard, myself and our friend Melissa from Telepathe. We had no intentions in mind except to just create music if for no other reason than for ourselves. Melissa had to split from us to do her second record and that’s when we got a bit more serious.

AE: How would you describe the kind of music you make to someone who has never heard it before?

LF: Pretty simply, I would just call it Dark. If I had to give CREEP a genre it would be Trip-Hop. People may know my solo stuff as well, which is pretty housey.

AE: What was it like working with Romy? Any other guest vocalists on the album you can tell us about?

Romy is a dream. She’s so creative and talented. We feel pretty lucky to have had her sing on our first single. It was all very simple and natural. We just finished a song with Nina Sky which I’m in love with. Its dirrrrty.

We’re also working with Kazu from Blonde Redhead to sing on “Empty Church.” There are some others as well, but I can’t mention who just yet.

AE: How does your queerness influence your music/CREEP?

LF: I can’t say it does really. My queerness is mostly influenced in the bedroom.

AE: What will CREEP be doing in 2011? US tour? Any big festivals planned?

We are deciding now where to start touring. Most of our offers are for Europe and Australia, but we may support the Klaxons on their US tour in March. Most definitely hitting the festival circuit this summer as well.

AE: How has your individual work in music prior to CREEP informed the way you work together now?

It took me a very long time to find my musical soul mate. Lauren Dillard and I just click together in the studio. I’ve worked solo for so many years and wanted to be able to work with others, but never felt that connection.

It’s very much like a musical marriage now. I’ve collaborated with people in the past like Sia and MK, which was absolutely great, but I’ve never actually shared the writing process with anyone. Its a very new experience for me. Its also refreshing to be on this journey with someone else. Touring with your best friend is pretty awesome.

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