Shunda K talks changing her tune, her relationship with religion and being “The Most Wanted”


Florida native and out MC Shunda K is by far one of the most entertaining and outspoken mic spitters in the business. As one of the frontwomen of the loud, booty-bumping, boob-shaking trash-talking group Yo Majesty, she got the party started and got the tongues flapping in the music industry.

When Yo Majesty disbanded in 2008, Shunda the powerhouse ventured out on her own and collaborated with the likes of Peaches, Killola, Blaq Star, Kotchy and Tha Pumpsta, among others. When she’s not working on her own career, she’s helping other young artists generate an audience of their own.

We spoke to Shunda about her latest release, The Most Wanted (Fanatic Records), her relationship with religion and how she’s ready to save the world. How has your new year been going so far?

Shunda K: Well, it’s going! The record just came out, got a US tour ready to happen. Now we’re just ready to take over the world like a jeri curl. I’m looking forward to it.

AE: Do you already know who your supporting acts are going to be for the tour?

SK: No, I don’t. I’ve got some of my own artists I’d like to have on. We’re getting the final itinerary this weekend and I want to see what kind of shows we’re doing because I’ve actually got this artist who is 11. His name is T-Pizim. He’s hot on the mic, so I’d like to have him open for me at the all-ages shows I’m doing. He’s pretty much the one artist I’m going to try to get on this tour right now.

AE: Did you say he’s 11? That reminds me of when I used to watch the Jenny Jones show and they used to have the little rapper talent shows. That’s so cute — how did you discover him?

SK: He’s grown with it, too! He’s a very intelligent young man. He knows what he wants to do, he does his thing. He’s great at school, he’s killing it on the mic. I’m like let me see what I can do to help. I don’t have all the money in the world but I will do what I can to help him. At least I can bring him on tour with me. He said, “Put a mill on me,” and I’m like, “I ain’t got a mill to put on you right now, bro!” [Laughs] He’s all over the Facebook and the Myspace.

AE: I’ll be on the lookout for him then.

SK: Yeah, he’s got videos and everything; he’s just out of control with it. He’s just doing him.

AE: So since you’re taking him under your wing, how do you go about nurturing that talent?

SK: Ever since I’ve been in the game — since I was 17 years old — I’ve been developing artists. I actually just got back in touch with an artist last night who I’ve been helping since he was 15 years old. And so I’m used to it it’s just what I’ve always done. I love to help people, my heart is for the people and especially talent like that, where he’s young and still able to reach the youth, I want him to not just talk about the fancy clothes and cars, let’s talk about issues that are affecting their age group. What’s going on with the kids at your school? I try to take that opportunity to reach out; try to make a difference in their life because right now the youth doesn’t have any direction.

All the killing going on and the suicide, it’s just crazy. So I’m trying to take this opportunity to just try to reach out to those kids and see what I can do to help.