Brittany Snow on kissing women on screen and Love is Louder


Actress Brittany Snow loves kissing beautiful women.

“Luckily I’ve gotten to make out with lots of gorgeous girls,” Brittany said at the NBC party for TCA last week. “I mean, Sophia Bush and Juno [Temple]!”

Brittany and Sophie in “John Tucker Must Die”

Brittany, who stars with Kathy Bates on the upcoming legal comedy Harry’s Law, told me how she got involved with the lesbian-themed music video from Plushgun (called “Just Impolite”), in which she starred alongside Juno.

“Tyler Shields, who directed it, has been a really good friend of mine for a very long time,” Brittany said. “I’ve known Juno for a very long time as well. I heard the song and I said ‘I have to be in this video!’ I just enjoyed making out with Juno.”

Brittany has become an advocate for mental health organizations during her career, and in 2010, she teamed up with The Jed Foundation to create Love is Louder, a viral campaign aimed to support youth who have dealt with bullying. The campaign has since partnered with MTV and will have a presence at this year’s The Dinah, hosting a pool party.

“I was honored [The Dinah] decided to incorporate Love is Louder into the event,” Brittany said. “I didn’t know what our place was in it, but when I got more information on it, I was actually really grateful. I know it’s a huge event.”

Love is Louder is largely a viral campaign that Brittany hopes will show people that are bullied that there is a voice out there that is “louder and bigger than their high school bully.”

“I always wanted to start something like this because of my personal experience with bullying and the things that I believe in,” Brittany said, also remarking she has several gay and lesbian friends, one who committed suicide while they were in high school. “I just wanted to do something.”

If you’re feeling just as supportive of Brittany as she is of the LGBT community, tune in to Harry’s Law tonight on NBC.

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