Jessica Clark featured in provocative Equinox ads


A new ad campaign for Equinox Fitness Clubs shot by fashion photographer Terry Richardson features out model Jessica Clark in stunning and provocative poses.

True. Terry Richardson has a checkered reputation. Despite being a talented and highly sought after photographer who takes vivid, colorful and just plain striking portraits, he has been called, among other things, “the most f-ed up fashion photographer” by and “Uncle Douchey” by Bitch Magazine. For those who are unaware of his reputation, I won’t go into it in detail. Just follow the links above.

Richardson’s photo shoots are generally highly sexualized, occasionally falling into the “uncomfy” territory, which often leaves us scratching our heads wondering, “Is this sexy or just plain pervy?” For example, check out Heather Hogan‘s article about Richardson’s photoshoot in GQ featuring the Glee cast, which set off a lively and lengthy debate in the comments section.

Likewise, the Equinox ads rely heavily on sex to sell gym memberships. While the ad below isn’t likely to raise as many objections as the Glee photo shoot, it raises the question, “Is this a campaign for a fitness club or a couples’ retreat?”

Nevertheless, Jessica Clark definitely looks great in the campaign. Perhaps it’s time to hit the gym after all.

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