A Quickie with Chely Wright


What does Chely Wright have in common with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Ke$ha (other than all being powerhouse performers)? Well, this year, Chely will join the list of headliner music acts that have performed at The Dinah, Club Skirts’ epic girl party in the desert. That’s right, Palm Springs, CA is going country this year.

It may be colder than Callie Torres’ bed right now, but I promise you, my layered and bundled snow bunnies, sun-kissed thighs, tight bikinis and some rockin’ country music are in your future if you make your way to The Dinah this year. To hold you over until then, we chatted with everyone’s Ms. Wright about things you may not know about her. Like her penchant for picking up strangers. Her ideas about the future of social networking. And her reaction to the New Years resolutions we suggested for her.

AfterEllen.com: Happy New Year! How are you?

Chely Wright:

AE: How was your 2010? Do anything interesting, Chely?

CW: [laughs] It was pretty momentous, emotional, and

very dynamic. I was just happy to finally be out and do the advocacy

work that I planned on doing, to be able to put some of those things

into action. But more importantly, just be able to live my life and be

proud and out. What a great experience to be free. I get it now.

AE: Do you think the country music community will ever be

OK with gay and lesbian artists in their midst?

CW: Well, eventually, it has to happen. There’s a law

of entropy, there’s a law of “everything changes,” ya know? Eventually,

maybe in 20 years.

AE: That long?

CW: I mean, nobody followed me out of the closet, did


AE: You know how the black community invented the “down-low”?

Maybe in country closets, it should be called the “ho-down-low.”

CW: That is awesome.

AE: That could be a new term in 2011. How was your New Years?

CW: My New Years was good and relaxed. I had a hard time staying up ’til midnight. [laughs] But it was good. I was in Vermont. There was a lot of snow up there and it was really gorgeous. 

AE: What did you do to ring in the new?

CW: Let’s see. I played Scrabble. We ate. I did not ski. I don’t ski. Took the dogs to the dog park. Just sort of chilled out. I was with friends, a few couples, and we just kind of hung out and cooked. We’re not big drinkers, so we all had half a glass of wine and we were ready for bed.

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