Behind the Scenes in Hollywood: Eve Bregman


In this second installment of “Behind the Scenes in Hollywood,” we talk to veteran television editor, Eve Bregman, who’s worked on everything from Dirty Jobs to The Real L Word, which we suspect might actually be the same show. Eve stepped out of her edit bay long enough to tell us about working for Ilene Chaiken, explain why lesbians make the best editors, and give some good advice about how to be on a reality show and not shame your family.

Eve Bregman, Editor

AfterEllen: Let’s get right to it. You edited The Real L Word.

Eve Bregman: Yes.

AE: And?

EB: I’ve been sworn to secrecy with a million dollar [non-disclosure] contract.

AE: If I give you a million dollars, will you tell me?

EB: Maybe.

AE: Maybe?

EB: Give it to me in cash. [laughs] I can tell you this. I thought it was really hot and really sexy. Don’t give me that look.

AE: This is just my face.

EB: [laughs] It’s reality TV. You have to draw the line between what is porn and what is reality TV.

AE: I think it’s a dotted line. Was this the most sexually graphic show you’ve ever worked on?

EB: Absolutely. It’s Showtime!

AE: For a reality show, it has a great pedigree: Showtime and Magical Elves.

EB: They knew Magical Elves would do a good job. Having done Top Chef and [previously,] Project Runway, they’re top-notch when it comes to reality TV.

AE: That’s true. Were you with the crew while they were shooting?

EB: No, as an editor, I don’t go on any of the shoots. But I can say many of the camera operators and the audio people were lesbians, and if not lesbian, mostly women. That allowed for a lot more freedom [from] the cast.

I think they were completely comfortable doing what they did.

Rose Garcia, feeling completely comfortable

It was great they had many lesbian crew, not only to make the cast more comfortable, but in this business, women aren’t hired as frequently as men. It was awesome having a primarily female crew.

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