The 2010 Visibility Awards — Winners


In 2004, asked for your input on the best and worst of the year, from television to film, to music and allies. Since then, the list of questions has grown bigger, the response stronger, and the nominees more difficult to narrow down. This can only mean visibility is getting better for gay women, and we have many more openly lesbian/bi public figures and allies working toward the goal of equality and representation in the media and pop culture.

So what trends have remained the same? Ellen DeGeneres is still one of our favorite lesbians, and Portia DeGeneres has always been on our radar but she’s become even more popular with us as she continues to grow as an actress and activist. America’s Next Top Model has proven to be very gay-friendly and included several queer contestants. The Gossip and Tegan and Sara continue to make music we love, and Jackie Warner still has the market cornered on fitness reality TV (unless you count the Jillian Michaels empire).

We might miss South of Nowhere and The L Word (winners several times over), but Skins and Grey’s Anatomy have stepped up to be the new mainstays, giving us Naomily vs. Calzona, with Brittana from Glee struggling to hang on, though without much help from series creator Ryan Murphy. (It’s not your fault, Naya Rivera!)

Overall, we think it’s safe to say that things are looking up. When there are thousands of votes cast so passionately that the vote gets split four ways, that means there’s a lot of lesbian content — and there’s something for everyone in that.

This year we left it to you our readers first to suggest the top five nominees in each category and then to select the winners via popular vote. See the results below (along with our own staff picks)!

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