Another week, another lesbian coach discriminated against for being gay


Remember last week’s story about the soccer coach at Belmont University who was

fired for being a lesbian? Here’s yet another story about homophobia

in the athletic world.

According to University of Minnesota golf coach Katie Brenny, she

was demoted because she is a lesbian. She contends that after her

superior discovered that she was gay, she was relegated to a desk

job and was prohibited from training players or traveling with the

team. Her attorney, Donald Chance Mark Jr., said that he has sufficient

evidence to show that the demotion occurred immediately after the

official who hired her found out that she is a lesbian.

While the facts of this incident are still coming to light, it does

highlight an ongoing pattern of homophobia in sports. In addition to

the firing of the soccer coach, there is the lesbian couple that was

ejected from a Baltimore Ravens game for being affectionate, the nixing

of the WNBA Mystics kiss cam
because it might capture two women

kissing, and many other incidents of anti gay sentiment directed at


‘Tis a shame. Lesbians and sports go together like vodka and cranberry

juice. Having just one or the other just isn’t the same, but reading

about all of these stories makes me want to hold the cranberry juice

and go straight for the vodka.

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