Tasha Tilberg works “The Work”


The Work magazine is a quarterly conceptual art magazine with a hint of fashion and heavy dose of queer.

“I’m obviously a big ol’ lesbo,” said founder/Editor in Chief Gloria Noto, “so a lot of the content tends to have a gay undertone. But I don’t want to segregate any groups, and would love for it to be enjoyed by everyone from all walks of life, while still pushing the boundaries.”

Gloria is a Makeup Artist in living in Los Angeles who works on both coasts. She’s also the creator of a documentary called Clash Iconic, which is about the gay counter culture. The Work expands on this topic, and has since Gloria started publishing a year ago.

“We are here to bring the best of the underground into a high brow setting,” Noto said. “And we like to have a splash of the already established artists involved as well. On our cover we have super model Tasha Tilberg shot by Robin Black the concept is about the use of public space.”

Tasha herself has always been a lesbian that exists in counter culture, so she’s a perfect cover model to illustrate the good work of The Work. The shots of Tilberg are accompanied by a Q&A, and it’s all viewable at theworkmag.com.

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