Interview with Tabatha Coffey 2010


The name Tabatha Coffey tends to incite fear, excitement and intimidation in the hearts of those who have seen her on Bravo’s addictive series, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. The fiery Aussie with platinum blond hair is known for having a tongue that is sometimes sharper than her scissors.

What you can’t tell from watching her on screen is that she is funny, warm and absolutely charming. What I’ve just come to realize after speaking with her is that her honesty is used, not as a way to cut people down, but as a way to hold them up to a mirror and show them their own true potential.

For the next three days, the out reality show star will be joining the Off-Broadway cast of My Big Fat Italian Gay Wedding. We got a chance to catch up with her to talk about her role in the play, as well as get some scoop on the upcoming third season of her show. I’m excited to hear you have something to do with My Big Fat Italian Gay Wedding. How did you get hooked up with that?

Tabatha Coffey: You know, they just contacted me and asked me if I’d be interested in doing it and it sounded like such a great production, and like so much fun, that I couldn’t say no.

AE: Have you ever been to a big fat Italian gay wedding?

TC: I’ve been to a big gay wedding before, but never Italian.

AE: Is there a lot of hair gel being used for this?

TC: Yeah there will be some very big hair, I promise you.

AE: Do you have to style the chest hair as well?

TC: Let’s hope not. That’s not my forte. [laughs]

AE: So, the production is going on for a while but you’re taking part in it for three special nights?

TC: Yeah I’ll be doing Thursday, Friday and Saturday [Dec 2-4] of this week.

AE: Was there any special direction you were given, or were they just like, “Hey, whatever pops into your mind, go do it”?

TC: Well obviously, there’s a script that they follow for the play itself, but a lot of the lines [for] me –it’s just ad-libbed. I’m playing the marriage performer for the ceremony.

AE: And you’re supposed to ad-lib that?

TC: It’s pretty great. They gave me lines and then, about five more pages of lines, which is hilarious. Then in some parts, they just say, “Be Tabatha” or “Just say something you think Tabatha would say.” I’ve got lines, which I’m working on – I have to know them. Gotta get my ass together. But it’ll be fun.

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