“Female Force” does Angelina Jolie, Jane Lynch and Betty White


I need to make a confession: I love Bluewater Production’s biographical comic books. They’re like reading Wikipedia, only: a) You can read them the bath. b) There are pictures. And c) You don’t have to get creeped out by Jimmy Wales’ personal appeal staring down at you every time you want some information. Tomorrow Bluewater is dropping its Female Force: Women in the Media graphic novel, which is cool because it includes the sold out individual issues of Ellen, Oprah, Barbara Walters and Meredith Vieira.

Also, it’s got a new variant cover that shows what Mount Rushmore will look like in 20 years.

I reviewed Ellen’s comic when it came out, and it’s actually grown on me even more since then. (I wish they’d release one for Portia!) The Oprah comic is amazing because Oprah is amazing. I haven’t read the other two yet, but I’ll bet you I hear the whole Barbara Walters one in her voice.

When I hopped over to Bluewater’s website to snag a photo of their new graphic novel, I got a couple of surprises (some good, some bad). The good: Betty White and Angelina Jolie are getting their own titles! (How awesome would it be if they starred in an adventure together?) The bad: Sarah Palin is the first "Female Force" to get a sequel. (Please don’t let that be a foreshadow to the 2012 election.) (Also, I want to punch the person who drew Hillary and Obama’s "surprised" faced on that Palin cover.) Both the good and the bad are due out later this month.

Also of note, because it wouldn’t be a day without someone cashing in on Glee, Bluewater has already released a comic based on the lives of the cast members from the ubiquitous Fox hit. Too bad they didn’t draw Jane Lynch smiling. She has the very most perfect smile; it would have been a joy to illustrate!

Have you read/enjoyed any Bluewater/"Female Force" comics? Which new title seems most interesting to you?

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