People having a more awkward Thanksgiving dinner than you this year


It’s Thanksgiving week here in the United States. And for most of us that means big family dinners gathered around the table enjoying roast turkey (or tofurkey, for the vegetarians among us). Now, for gays and lesbians, those dinners can sometimes be awkward as we’re forced to sit around a table with people of varying degrees of acceptance. Still as uncomfortable as things can get for us LGBT folks, think about how awkward Thanksgiving dinner will be for these people this year.

Take Sen. John McCain. Both his daughter, Meghan, and wife, Cindy, have come out for gay rights and posed for the NOH8 campaign. Cindy even publically opposed her husband’s high-profile stance against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in one of their anti-bullying PSAs. Well, she did until I can only assume the couple had their own awkward discussion and she retracted her support in a tweet two and a half days later. So be thankful you’re not having Thanksgiving with the McCains. Things might be a little, um, chilly.

Here are a few other folks who might be experiencing their own awkward Thanksgivings this year.

George W. Bush and Laura Bush

Laura has come out earlier this year on Larry King Live and said she thought gay marriage and abortion should be legal. Guess she just didn’t feel like holding W’s social conservative football for him anymore.

Christine O’Donnell and the Wiccan Community

The former senate candidate from Delaware made headlines when old videos of her saying she “dabbled in witchcraft” came out, which she repudiated with in a campaign ad that started “I am not a witch.” Someone isn’t getting invited to Yule this year.

Target and The Gays

The national retailer angered the LGBT community when it made a $150,000 corporate donation to an anti-gay candidate for governor in Minnesota. That election is still undecided, as both sides battle it out in court. So our feelings of betrayal live on. Also, dammit, where will we buy our reasonably priced cute mittens and sweater sets for the holidays now?

So, how will your level of awkwardness at this Thanksgiving dinner compare? And, while you’re at it, please pass the mashed potatoes. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, and happy Thursday to everyone else.

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