The women of this year’s Out 100


Mariah Hanson – Producer of the Dinah

It’s hard to believe the woman who gave us “Springbreak for Lesbians” is just now included. Just think of how many one night stands, relationships, breakups and cat fights she’s solely responsible for. The Dinah is a big deal — and not just to golfers. It surely takes a lot of work.

Jasika Nicole – Actress

Returning to J.J. Abrams’ newest Fox series, Fringe, for its third season, Jasika Nicole is the only out lesbian of color on prime time. And while that certainly earns her a deserving spot on the Out 100, it begs us to ask primetime to get with it already and bring even more talented, nice to look at lesbians to prime time with her.

Meredith Baxter – Actress

The Family Ties star came out publicly last year in a tell-all interview with People. In addition to working on her upcoming memoir, Baxter has her own skincare line and breast cancer research foundation. Elyse Keaton forever!

Fatima Robinson – Choreographer

When it comes to moves, Fatima has them all — and has no problem teaching them to everyone from the Black Eyed Peas to President Obama (she choreographed HBO’s 2008 inauguration event). Up next: the Super Bowl 2011 halftime show.

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