The Huddle: Moving past “The L Word”


This week, Cobie Smulders told Maxim she’d love to have a lesbian relationship on How I Met Your Mother. I fondly remembered when she played a lesbian artist on The L Word that Bette took a liking to, and then thought of how she’d moved on from the bit part to playing Robin on the hit show How I Met Your Mother. She’s done well for herself, as have so many others that have been on the show, from major roles to bit parts.

So it just seemed to beg the question: Which L Word actress has made the best moves since the show?

Mia Jones: There is no question about it: Holland Taylor has had the best career after The L Word. I have no clue how Two and A Half Men is still on the air and actually doing well, but it is. Actually, my mom really likes the show, she thinks it’s hilarious, so apparently I’m just missing that part of my brain. In any case, when it has shown up on my screen and I haven’t been close to a remote to change the channel, Holland’s overbearing mother character (much like Peggy Peabody) is very obviously the best character on the show.

Dorothy Snarker: Jane Lynch now, Jane Lynch forever. While those in the know knew she was something special from her previous work in everything from Christopher Guest movies to the 40-Year-Old Virgin and, of course, The L Word, the rest of the universe didn’t fully catch on until she landed a tiny little show called Glee.

Since then not only has she won an Emmy, she effectively over the world as the deliciously mean Sue Sylvester. She makes us laugh, she makes us cower, she makes us want to dress up as her for Halloween. Heck, she even managed to steal a few scenes from Meryl Streep herself in Julie & Julia. Couple those on-screen successes with her off-screen happiness thanks to her marriage earlier this year to Lara Embry and Jane’s post-L Word life has been the polar opposite of plain.

Jamie Murnane: As Eric Mabius is not an “actress,” I’m going with Melanie Lynskey. Since she rode off TLW into the sunset on her Vespa, she’s appeared in the Oscar-nominated Up in the Air as George Clooney’s character’s sister and has had a recurring role on Two and a Half Men.

Lynskey also popped up in the Matt Damon flick, The Informant! and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Clearly, she’s good at staying on the radar. And with four films currently in production, she’s sure to get more attention.

I swear, the fact that she played the shock-happy Hilary in But I’m a Cheerleader and starred alongside Kate Winslet in Heavenly Creatures did not sway my decision — much.

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