“Paper” gets personal with Heather Morris


This week, Paper Magazine interviewed unintentional Glee star Heather Morris. Originally hired as the show’s choreographer, Heather’s ditsy, vacant character Brittany has been getting a lot more face time, including a love interest and makeout session with fellow smoking hot female cheerleader and New Directions member Santana. Then there was the Britney Spears episode, which really played a pivotal role in Brittany’s character development; for the first time we got to see that this girl can really sing!

Morris told Paper said her favorite part about the Britney episode was actually standing in front of Ms. Spears, and that all she could do was stare at her.

“I once auditioned for a video off of her Circus album as a body double and I felt the same way then. But this time it was much more up-close and personal,” she said. Morris also worked with the giant albino snake for Britney’s “I’m a Slave 4 U” performance. “He was so warm, plump and heavy. My arms were sore for the next two days.”

But this isn’t Heather Morris’s first rodeo: She danced backup for Beyoncé on a 45-stop tour, was on the 2006 season of So You Think You Can Dance and has performed on SNL, the American Music Awards and the Grammy Awards.

One of the stops on the Beyoncé tour was Ethiopia, which Morris said is one of her most memorable trips.

“We had this giant outdoor tent, with a dirt floor, thousands of smiling faces. The entire place was just beaming with love. With so much energy you feel like you could heal the world. We got to take a lot of side trips to see the beautiful country side, safari’s, old castles, but for me the people were so amazing. They were so grateful and so giving even though they had hardly anything, ” she explained.

Morris also talked about image and and how teens can be really cruel. She said that she was never really bullied in high school, but she was judged and talked about behind her back after going through a tough time.

“…I do remember my freshman year when my father passed, I stopped wearing make up, stopped fixing my hair, and didn’t care what I looked like. I wore sweats everyday. After a while, the girls started getting really catty,” Morris said.

We’re excited to see how the storyline for Brittany continues to develop and expect to continue to see more face time from Heather Morris.

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