Great LezBritain: Interview with Heather Peace from “Lip Service”


AE: When we spoke to Harriet, she said that when casting the roles, she was looking for a bit of lesbian in each cast member.

I think in this day and age, it comes down to whether you look like you are in love with the girl you are playing opposite. And everyone did a really fine job. Harriet did say that I got the part because of my swagger and I didn’t realise I had one. Of all of my gay girlfriends, I am the least butch. You could blow on me and I would fall over, so they think it is hilarious that I am the most butch in this show.

Harriet is such an awesome lady and we have become really good friends. I think she is somewhat worried about the audience’s reaction because the gay community can be quite protective about how they are portrayed.

AE: I don’t know if you have heard of, but there is a lot of excited chat on there about Lip Service.

HP: I came across for the first time recently. It was really interesting to read, I couldn’t believe the level of excitement. Readers seem especially excited that the BBC is commissioning this show.

AE: Laura [Fraser, who plays Cat] mentioned that all the cast went round hers one night. You cooked a lovely Thai curry and she took on the hostess role. It made her think that you two were the matriarchal figures of the group.

HP: This was the first job I’ve ever had where I was the oldest cast member. I have played the baby in every other show I’ve done, so I did feel like the matriarch sometimes on this show. I would be the one sorting out the bill when we were in restaurants and yeah, cooking the dinner at Laura’s. That was a wicked night.

AE: Did you hang out much as a group?

HP: Yes we did. Laura couldn’t so much because she has a little girl. [After work] she had to get back to her, but the rest of us did. You expect a little bit of tension when it is a group of girls, but there was not one single ego. I was shocked because I have worked with women before who have been tricky, but this was the best bunch of girls.

AE: Do you hope there will be a Season 2 of Lip Service?

HP: Absolutely! I have a really good feeling about it. It was one of the most fun and rewarding jobs I have ever done and there was something about Glasgow that made it really special as well. Originally, it was going to be set in London but it being in Glasgow really helped to make the show. It needed to be set in a place that meant these people can’t avoid each other – you couldn’t get that sense in London because it’s too big. When you see Glasgow on film, it is stunning. It was filmed around the Merchant City and there was a real energy about the place.

AE: What else are you working on at the moment?

HP: I just filmed another show in which I wear a uniform! Plus I am doing a lot of gigs around the UK because I’m also a jazz singer. Music is something I feel equally passionate about.

We are organising the Lip Service Finale party in Glasgow on 16th November and we are most delighted to announce that Heather will be performing a short acoustic set. The guest list is tight but to have a chance of getting yourself on it, and to find out more follow @greatlezbritain on Twitter.

If you don’t want to leave your date with Heather up to chance, then you can also buy tickets for “An Evening With Heather Peace” on the 17th November at Sloans Bar in Glasgow. She will be joined by Glasgow’s own Jill Jackson and will do an audience Q&A as part of the set. Tickets are available now by clicking here.

You can see the rest of Heather’s UK tour dates here, and follow both Heather and Jill on Twitter – @heatherpeace @jilljackson01

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