Betty White rocks the hood


As a Betty White stalker fan, I can’t believe I missed news of her new fashion line. But back in July, US magazine told us that White planned to follow up her pin-up calendar by helping launch a very special clothing line from Jerry Leigh Apparel.

OK, "Jerry Leigh Apparel" may mean as little to you as it did to me, until I learned that they are the HoodieBuddie people – you know, those cool hoodies woven with little cables that carry audio signals to headphones built into the hood so you don’t have to hook up your iPod to listen to it. Technology you can cuddle in: a lesbian geek’s dream.

Yep, that’s Betty on the shirt. And that’s just one of the styles of hoodies and T-shirts in the Betty White collection.

Here’s the video promo for the new line, "Made by Betty."


Wow, Betty is a tough taskmaster. But she’s willing to be stern, since a portion of the proceeds from her collection goes to the Morris Animal Foundation (which received the proceeds from the calendar, too). She also tried to score a little extra for her furry friends by running a poker con in the backroom of the factory.

This week, HoodieBuddie released a behind-the-scenes look at Betty doing her thing in "The Making of ‘Made by Betty.’"



Oh, and here’s a larger shot of the cute girl in a HoodieBuddie. (Or would that be HoodieBetty?)

If you’d like to wear Betty White on your chest, visit the HoodieBuddie shop. You can get your very own Betty, and save a puppy in the process. Which Betty hoodie is your favorite?

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