DeAnne Smith animates the lesbian relationship experience


Are you a gay lady who has been in a relationship with another gay lady? Are you a gay lady who wants to be in a relationship with another gay lady? Are you a lady, gay or otherwise, who once had a notion about another lady, gay or otherwise? Well then you are going to want to watch out comic DeAnne Smith’s video “An Honest Lesbian Relationship” immediately, if not sooner.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Right now you’re laughing. I know you are. Or, more accurately, you may be struggling to breathe while wiping away tears and snorting in a way that alarms your co-workers. I’ll give you another minute to compose yourself.

The woman behind the hilarity is Smith, a comic from upstate New York who has lived in Montreal since late 2004. She started her comedy career the following year and has since appeared on television shows and comedy festivals internationally. In 2007, she was a contestant on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. In 2008, she won the Sydney Comedy Festival’s Time Out Best Newcomer. This November, she will headline the Feast Festival, a major LGBT arts festival in Adelaide, South Australia with her show, “Sexy Feelings.”

Photo by Sarah Quinn

Since posting “An Honest Lesbian Relationship” less than a week ago, the video has amassed almost 9,000 views (and growing), making the round over Facebook, Twitter, emails and texts from gay lady to gay lady telling their friends, “OMG, watch this. LOL.”

DeAnne conducted an email interview with over the weekend, in between shows.

AfterEllen: So you’re from New York (city or upstate?), but live in Montreal. How long have you been a Canuck?

DeAnne Smith:
I’m originally from Endicott, New York. I moved to Montreal in late 2004. I’m not really a Canuck, but sometimes I pretend I am when I’m in other countries so that I can hear all the crap people say about Americans.

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