Exclusive: Queen Latifah’s trainer Jeanette Jenkins tells us “I’m not gay”


In October, Jillian Michaels will launch her first ever Ultimate Wellness Cruise and she’s invited celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins to join her. Jenkins has worked with several public figures including Paula Patton, Kimora Lee Simmons and, most famously, Queen Latifah.

Jeanette (right) with client Michelle Williams

Let’s clear something up right away: The rumors about Jenkins and Latifah dating are not true, according to Jenkins, who tells us she’s straight.

“I have gay friends, but I’m not gay,” Jenkins said. She also indicated the gossip about her online and in magazines is nothing but fiction, and she’s less bothered by paparazzi than the lack of fact-checking by journalists.

“The first blog that writes a story gets picked up by everybody else as what really happened,” Jenkins said. “No one ever tries to call the person and get an interview.”

When I asked her if she was open to speaking about her personal life to someone who did want an interview, she said no. “Doesn’t that feel strange, telling someone you don’t know about your private life?” she asked. “My private life is for me and the people that know me.”

Jenkins says her private life is very separate from her career as a health and fitness expert. She said she’d wanted to work with Michaels, the star of Losing It with

because she was proud of all her hard work

The two met when she and Michaels were both up for the same job on The Biggest Loser. Jenkins’ male counterpart dropped out, Bob and Jillian were ultimately cast, and the rest is history.

“She could have just sat there on the show but she really created a brand for herself,” Jenkins said. When the two trainers recently found themselves seated next to one another on a plane, Jenkins told Michaels she wanted to work on something with her. Enter the Ultimate Wellness Cruise.

Despite having never been on a cruise before, (“just plenty of yachts”) Jenkins is excited about the upcoming trip and says she’s going to be open and available to participants who have questions and want to get the most out of their time. She also says she’s developing a television series, as well as working with a network on an upcoming “Healthy Living Challenge.”

In the meantime, Jeanette is keeping busy with multiple TV appearances on shows like Dr. Oz and Tyra, and having an active Twitter presence (@jeanettejenkins).

It’s inevitable that Jenkins will continue to pop up in paparazzi photos and on gossip blogs when working with celebrities on a weekly basis (one of whom she may have shared a hug and bought a home with.) Regardless, we’re taking Ms. Jenkins at her word. Looks like the women will have to set their sights on the only out trainer on board the Jillian Michaels Ultimate Wellness Cruise, and it ain’t Jeanette.

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