An interview with Tasya van Ree


To refer to Tasya van Ree as simply a celebrity photographer is to do her (and yourself) a disservice. The out Los Angeles-based artist’s work isn’t just pretty faces posed in cool places — it’s raw, sexy and gives you pause. The fact that some famous people might be involved only adds to the intrigue because, somehow, they become nameless in the beauty of the photos.

"It’s really just a combination of raw imagination and uninhibited technique," van Ree said. "Taking those two elements and turning it into what I interpret as beauty. I see it as photojournalism infiltrating fashion and finding a home in the fine art world."

Van Ree’s new exhibit, "Untitled Project," debuts at L.A.’s Celebrity Vault on August 11. It’s a collection of portraits that she’s taken over the last year. She describes them as "a showcase of randomness, staged performances, intimate moments, candid gestures, pondering expressions, seductive revelations, playful demeanors, and so forth."