What queer (or queer friendly) celebrity do you wish followed you on Twitter?


Look, celebrities, they’re just like us. They like it when famous people tweet them. They love it when they get new followers. See: Like us! But, you know, richer…and prettier…and on the TV. Otherwise, exactly the same. Still, it’s cute to witness them fall all over themselves to get each other’s attention on Twitter. Like when Sarah Shahi (@onlysarahshahi) kept tweeting her former The L Word co-star and on-screen happy naked fun time partner Kate Moennig (@katemoennig).

Awww. They ended up following each other. Which, of course, got me thinking (always a dangerous proposition): What famous queer or queer friendly celebrity would you like to follow you on Twitter?

Mine are simple:

Rachel Maddow: @maddow

Queer Nerd of Twitter and possibly the world. I am your happy serf.

Olivia Wilde: @oliviawilde

She is Olivia Wilde, duh. Also her tweets are hilarious.

Tina Fey: @tinafey

I know she doesn’t tweet, nor does she follow anyone (I think her one follow was added when the whole “force follow” loop-hole was discovered). But, whatever, everyone needs a first.

Ilene Chaiken: @ilenechaiken

So I could direct message her and tell her to “STOP MAKING TV SHOWS ABOUT LESBIANS!”

A few my fellow bloggers chimed in with their own dream follows.

Lesley Goldberg: Sarah McLachlan (@SarahMcLachlan)

Because I’d ask her to marry me. Again.

Heather Hogan: Yvonne Strahovski (@y_strahovski)

Because it would be just rude if Heather’s girlfriend didn’t follow her back, right?

Drummerdeeds: Hannah Blilie and Beth Ditto (@gossipmusic)

Because I am fairly certain we would be great friends and drinking buddies.

The Linster: Chely Wright (@chelywright)

Because I think she is my destiny and we have to start somewhere.

Oh, and I forgot one of my own: All of you (@dorothysnarker). What? You don’t have to be a celebrity to shamelessly self promote, right? So, have at it. Who do you wish followed you, and why?