The 2010 Hot 100


6. Kathryn Prescott

We admit that working near a battlefield strewn with lesbian storyline carnage makes us a little cynical at times, but when Kathryn Prescott colored in the lines of Emily Fitch in Skins Gen Two, she taught us to dream as we’d scarcely dreamed before. The longing, the affection, the desire, the anticipation, the betrayal, the heartbreak, the redemption, the enduring devotion: In two series’ we felt everything Emily felt, and we felt it because Kat Prescott cracked herself open and breathed life into the youngest Fitch twin.

When asked how a British teen dramedy had turned an entire world of lesbians into a blubbering, swooning mess, Prescott said it is because her storyline transcended a label: Naomily was all about the love.

If that wasn’t enough to make us giddy, when an interviewer posed the tired question about what it’s like to kiss a girl, Prescott gave a vividly fresh answer: “I liked it!”

Kat has already started filming her next project, a series called Goth that will certainly juxtapose her porcelain skin with deliciously dark locks — but we’re holding out hope that we’ll see a return to red in the Skins movie. Hope. It’s what Emily Fitch taught us to do.


7. Jennifer Beals

Just because The L Word spawned an upcoming reality show that promises to reset the bar on the term “lesbian drama,” we clearly didn’t hold it against Bette Porter. Last year’s number two on our Hot 100 list continues to permeate our consciousness long after her groundbreaking series ended its unprecedented six-season run in 2009.

Since then, Beals appeared on the big screen as a blind woman in The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington, and is currently in production on A Night for Dying Tigers, which will reunite her with the soup chef, Lauren Lee Smith. Tigers tells the story of a tense final family dinner before one of its members begins a five-year prison term. No, it’s not about Tiger Woods.

If you prefer your Jennifer on the small screen, rejoice. She’ll be coming to a crime scene near you in FOX’s RideAlong as Chicago’s first female police chief. When Jennifer orders you to “spread ’em,” you’ll want to do as she says. Judging from the votes, some of you have already assumed the position.

8. Jessica Capshaw

Whether you’re Team Spit-Up or Team Spain, we can all agree on the adorkable hotness that is Dr. Arizona Robbins, a.k.a., Jessica Capshaw. Blessed with mother Kate Capshaw‘s good-looks genes, this Missouri native has it all: a winning smile, gorgeous eyes and a charm that’s both accessible and alluring. Does anyone have a napkin? Some of us are drooling.

It’s almost an embarrassment of riches for ABC to have Capshaw here, and Sara Ramirez at number four. In fact, we vote to rename Grey’s Anatomy as Hot Lesbian Doctors Who Aren’t There Just for Sweeps.

Jessica isn’t exactly new to being gay for pay. It wasn’t too long ago that she was under Jennifer Beals, and we don’t mean on this list. As Nadia Karella, Dean Bette Porter’s relentlessly seductive teaching assistant, Jessica did more than grade her papers and schedule Bette’s office hours. After all, a mind, and pair of legs in a short skirt, are a terrible thing to waste.

As Grey’s Anatomy approaches its season finale, all eyes will be on whether Calzona can find a way to reconcile their relationship, or will we one day have to mash up both their names with two new partners. We hope it doesn’t come to that because “Arizelda” kind of sucks.

9. Lena Headey

In 2007, Lena Headey came in at number four on our Hot 100 list. In 2008, she fell to number 10, prompting her to exclaim, “My God, I have to go to the gym! I’ve fallen six. That hurts…Vote for me! Vote for me, I’ll change the world!”

Apparently, we take direction exceedingly well, because last year, Lena jumped up to number three, her highest position to date. This year, the Imagine Me & You, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and 300 star coasts in at a very respectable number nine. Frankly, anyone who consistently makes the top 10 year, after year, is doing something right.

Not only is Lena down-to-earth, fond of her tattoos, and gracious enough to appear in several episodes of Stacie Ponder’s “Ghostella’s Haunted Tomb,” she looks great in overalls, and that ain’t easy to do.

Next, Lena will be play Cersei Lannister, the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms in the upcoming HBO series, Game of Thrones, a medieval fantasy. Word is, they hired someone to create “Dothraki,” an entirely new language for the show. We don’t care if you say it in English, Dothraki, or Klingon for that matter: You’re no wanker, number nine.

10. Katherine Moennig

Despite Three Rivers getting the axe this year, Kate proved she could move on from The L Word and not be pigeonholed as a one-trick-pony. From her leading role on the medical drama to the small part of Drew Barrymore‘s partner in the film Everybody’s Fine, Kate has managed to keep busy, which has kept us happy.

And with a part in the film adaptation of Michael Connelly‘s best-selling novel, The Lincoln Lawyer, Kate is proving she can move past Shane — and miss her as much as we do — but can continue to hold some room in our beds heads.

11. Tina Fey

There was some talk in 2009 that Tina Fey’s success would lead to an inevitable backlash, but we haven’t seen it. Date Night, her action/rom-com with Steve Carell, was a hit at the box office and with critics; she added more trophies to her Golden Globe, SAG, WGA and Emmy collections; 30 Rock was picked up for another season; and her guest appearances on SNL were huge ratings successes.

If there’s anything lesbians universally love, it’s an intelligent, talented, self-deprecatingly hilarious woman — which means we expect to see Tina Fey on our Hot 100 list forever.

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