Does The Dinah


Can you believe that our annual trek to Palm Springs for Club Skirts The Dinah actually qualifies as a business trip? Neither can we. But it does, and to help us make that case, we’re posting a plethora of videos and photos from the weekend of (everyone else’s) debauchery.

This first clip provides a good overview of the events at Club Skirts The Dinah this year. Lube wrestling, a dance contest, and some grassroots organizing by The Big Gay Sketch Show‘s Nicol Paone.


Can you guess which of the dancers won the contest? (No, it was not the one in the pink hat. She wasn’t a contestant, she just provided the halftime entertainment!)

The cast of Lovers and Friends

(winners of the “Battle of the Lesbian Web Series” contest)

Anyone But Me‘s Nicole Pacent

Sarah Shahi

Our own Grace Chu talked to The L Word‘s Sarah Shahi about her new show, Facing Kate. The Convention Center room was kind of dark, so please excuse the fact that Shahi’s not bathed in glorious light for maximum visibility.

So it’s Ally McBeal + Sex and the City + Law & Order? I think all we really need to know about that formula is that it = more Sarah Shahi on the TV.

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