Wanda Sykes invites lesbian teenager Constance McMillen to the GLAAD awards


With the ACLU’s help, Constance McMillen challenged her heteronormative, homophobic school officials and demanded her rights, but due to the administration’s failure to change their discriminatory same-sex policy, the prom was canceled altogether.

Though inadvertently getting the prom canceled in high school is like social suicide,

McMillen is definitely the last one laughing, because out comedienne Wanda Sykes chose her as

the presenter of the Stephen F. Kolzak award to honoree Sykes at the

GLAAD Media Awards in LA on April 17th. Take that, old-fashioned school


Sykes surprised the teenager via satellite on her Saturday

night talk show, after discussing the reactions of the student body and

her family’s unconditional support. As for the awards show, Sykes told

McMillen to "get her tux cleaned" — as long as it wasn’t an ugly powder

blue ruffly one — and bring her girlfriend, too.

It’s disheartening to see instance after instance of discrimination and

even violence against same-sex dates in schools across the country. As

if high school isn’t awkward enough with backne and head gear, throw

being a little queer teen into the mix and you’re toast. Luckily, out

celebrities in the media, like Sykes, help to draw national attention to

such injustices and assert their intolerance for homophobic

double-standards in our society. 

Check out the video of Constance on The Wanda Sykes Show.


What’s your take on the high school prom controversy and Wanda Sykes coming to the rescue?

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