Katharine McPhee is so over V-Day


For those of you who shared my enthusiasm for Katharine McPhee’s boots a couple of weeks ago, this is for you. Now you — yes, you! — can send a personalized Valentine’s Day love note or rejection courtesy of Kat herself. If you feel like today is a blissful day of true love, complete with super-sweet pasty heart candies, you can send a personalized “Love Story” e-card. Or, if you’re pissed off because you’re left to your own devices and don’t have the budget to send black roses to the one who most recently ripped your heart out, send an “Over It” message.

Actually, that “Over It” note is good for many days of the year, not just the commercial excess of Valentine’s Day. You could send it next Monday on President’s Day, to show you’re over W.’s stupidity. You could send it on Groundhog Day, to show that you’re over winter. You could send it on Administrative Professionals Day (formerly known as Secretary’s Day, the last Wednesday in April) to show that you’re over your boss treating you like crap. You could send it on National Coming Out Day, to show that you’re over being in the closet.

Or you can just look at this pretty picture of Kat arriving at a pre-Grammy party last weekend (interestingly, she is not wearing open-toe shoes):

Katharine McPhee