She’d look hot in a burlap bag


Unlike certain butchy celebrities who feel the need to throw on a dress when they’re out in public, Joan Jett doesn’t give a damn about her bad reputation and knows exactly how to rock her not-so-inner butch.

Jett showed up at New York’s Bryant Park for Fashion Week and lo, so did Carmen Electra. What a coincidence. I mean, what are the chances? Good thing Carmen and Joan aren’t worried about rumors that they’re in a relationship, because here they are together at the Anna Sui show.

Joan Jett and Carmen Electra

Now, I’m no fashion maven. My 2007 Winter Collection is the same as my 1991 Winter Collection: jeans and bulky turtleneck sweaters. And when I say “same” I mean I’m literally still wearing those jeans and turtleneck sweaters from 1991. What some call outdated, I call consistent. Joan Jett understands consistency — she single-handedly keeps the leather pants industry alive — but she does it like the rock star she is.

Now, about Carmen Electra’s dress. What is going on here?

Joan Jett and Carmen Electra

She’s either a Goth Little Bo Peep or an Amish French maid. Whatever she is, it seems the hot fashion detail this year is coffee filters.

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