Waiting to impale


Apparently that’s what Terry McMillan has been doing — from the time she found out that her (now ex-)husband is gay, until this month, as her essay “100 Questions I Meant to Ask Him” is published in the book The Honeymoon’s Over: True Stories of Love, Marriage, and Divorce. (I love that the cover features a piece of burnt toast!)

The Publisher’s Weekly review reads, “Another low is Terry McMillan’s vulgar rant about an ex-husband, who admitted to homosexual exploits on national television.”

Were the exploits nationally televised or just his admission? Anyway, when McMillan first found out, she reportedly told her ex “you’re going to make a great fag” because “most of you guys are just like dogs anyway,” and now she’s written this essay to clarify that she’s a woman wronged, not a homophobe.

Galleycat has read the essay and presents …

More evidence of McMillan’s enlightened, non-homophobic attitudes:

  • “Was Vince [her ex’s lover] just jealous of me because I was your wife and I was a woman and I was pretty and black and rich and famous? Does he hate all women because he’s jealous he isn’t one?”
  • “Why do men like Vince try so hard to act like women, and why do men like you like them so much?”
  • “Why are most gay men so gorgeous? There also seems to be a kind of narcissism inherent in your behavior because there is clearly an obsession with your looks, your bodies, and body parts? What is this about?”
  • “Have you been surprised by the promiscuous behavior of a lot of gay men? Are you going to be like this or are you already?”
  • “Why do so many gay magazines and books focus on cruising, bondage, sex: any-way-you-can-get-it, S&M, looks, beautiful bodies, etc., etc., with very little or no attention given to how to achieve or maintain healthy relationships?”

Doesn’t this best-selling author have a publicist or someone with the sense to tell her this was all a very, very bad idea?

Still, I think they should make a film adaptation of the essay, starring Angela Bassett, of course.

She can do scorned.


She can do bitter.


And she can also do better. She knows when to bite her tongue, Terry.

Angela Bassett

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