Wait, is that Penelope Cruz serving teeny finger sandwiches at my ex-girlfriend’s baby shower?



Oh, drat. It’s just another celebrity impersonator from Texas-based Tapley Entertainment.

Impersonator? More like imposter! Scribegrrrl pegged it: She looks more like Bianca from All My Children.

But you could always spice up your next party with a double billing featuring Penelope and one of the several “Selma Hayek”s available for hire. Are you too wondering what’s going on with that first name? Maybe it’s one of those intentional misspellings to denote that she’s not quite the real thing, like “cheez.” Although, Salma seems to be the only celeb they’ve subjected to this cruel cheapening.


Not fooled by either of those two? Then take a gander at this class act:


You can even book the whole castaway gang from that ill-fated Minnow:


Or maybe you prefer to stage a sniveling reconciliation between Rosie and Donald, where she apologizes for being an annoying know-it-all and he for being a rude brat. Donald might already be booked but I’m sure “W. C. Fields” is available and willing to slap on a fake comb-over.

For kicks take a look at “Angelina Jolie 4”. As if!

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