Golden Girl Rue McClanahan is doing OK after suffering a stroke


First, Rue McClanahan is doing fine. Second, The Golden Girls star had a minor stroke last year. I start with the good news because of the passing in the last two consecutive years of her co-stars Estelle Getty and Bea Arthur, we’re justifiably worried about the remaining members of the fabulous foursome.

Rue played the famously sassy senior sexpot Blanche Devereaux on the series fro seven seasons. Her representatives revealed that the 75-year-old actress suffered a minor stroke while recovering from triple bypass surgery on Nov. 4. She is still in the hospital recovering from her stroke.

Her representative told Entertainment Tonight:

She’s doing amazingly well. She’s walking and talking and entertaining the staff with her feisty personality. She’s rehabbing and is expected home in about two weeks.

Whew. When I initially read the headline my heart sank. Not our Blanche! Note: How many of you call yourself the Blanche of your group? Don’t be shy. I’m, naturally, the Dorothy, but being the Blanche is way better than being the Rose, amirite? Yeah, I’m right.

So as we all send our fondest wishes for a speedy recovery to Rue, let’s revel is her fabulosity once more.

Blanche, all us Lebanese ladies (and the bi-coastal ones, too) hope you feel better soon.

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