Some so-called news about Claire Danes


Claire Danes dancing

Well, this is news to me, at least: Claire Danes is a dancer. She’s currently performing in New York in “Edith & Jenny” with childhood friend Ariel Rogoff Flavin. (Talk about a one-of-a-kind name: Go rog off with your snide remarks; Ariel’s flavin’! More fun with names: dancing Danes is said to have recently hooked up with bisexual British actor Hugh Dancy.)

I admit this is grasping at straws, but it’s kind of fun to read that Danes and Flavin refer to a break in their friendship as “the Breakup,” and that Flavin’s mom recalls the pair being “so sensual and full of imagination, and so ‘out’ at school.” (She’s using the term “out” to mean “not part of the ‘in’ crowd.”)

Apparently Danes studied dance long before her TV days, and began performing again in 2005, in a piece called “Christina Olson: American Model” that explored the life of a partially paralyzed woman depicted in an Andrew Wyeth painting. You heard right.

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